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With Modern and Contemporary Art Auctions, AstaGuru Explores the Metamorphosis of Indian Art

  • 14th Sep 2022
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With Modern and Contemporary Art Auctions, AstaGuru Explores the Metamorphosis of Indian Art

AstaGuru is thrilled to announce two exceptional auctions on September 13, 2022, which brilliantly document the dynamic tradition of Indian art. The meticulously chosen assortment of avant-garde works is drawn from the oeuvres of a number of prominent artists.

The 'Present Future' contemporary art auction will be held on September 22-23, 2022 with 81 works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, as well as some vibrant examples of mixed media art by leading contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Thukral & Tagra, Surendran Nair, Raqib Shaw, Debanjan Roy, Nataraj Sharma, T.V. Santhosh, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, Jagannath Panda, Dhananjay Singh and Suryakant Lokhande among others.

The 'ModernTreasures' Auction, scheduled for September 25-26, will include a variety of rare and unseen works by Modern Indian Art icons such as M.V. Dhurandhar, Tyeb Mehta, M. F. Husain, F.N. Souza, K. H. Ara, Jehangir Sabavala, S. H. Raza, Ganesh Pyne, Ram Kumar, Jogen Chowdhury, and Bikash Bhattacharjee, to mention a few, are among the notable cricketers from India. Several of these artworks are making their debut appearance at auction.

Sneha Gautam, Vice President, Client Relations, AstaGuru Auction House, said in reference to the forthcoming auctions, "We are delighted to showcase these two incredibly unique and intriguing groups of works in our upcoming 'Present Future' and 'Modern Treasures' sales. The 'Present Future' sale depicts current art trends and provides a glimpse into the future of contemporary Indian art, whilst the 'Modern Treasures' auction provides a comprehensive picture of the development of Modern Indian Art, with pieces spanning numerous time periods and genres. In terms of the intake of significant works, the Indian art market is continually increasing and revealing new opportunities. Therefore, we have meticulously handpicked the catalogues to include not only rare and exceptional works, but also works that shed light on incredibly significant moments in the careers of these artists. These auctions are a wonderful chance for our art aficionados to increase the aesthetic value of their collections."


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