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Why Should You Choose Mesmerizing Mexico for Your Next Luxury Vacation?

  • 22nd Aug 2020
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Why Should You Choose Mesmerizing Mexico for Your Next Luxury Vacation?

Did you know that Mexico has 14 five-diamond resorts, which is more than the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Canada all together? From Cancun to the Riviera Maya, Baja to the Pacific Coast, Mexico is a never-ending treasure trove of travel memories waiting to happen. Mexico is very well known as a top beach vacation destination, from the lively surf and golden sands of the Pacific Coast to the unbelievably warm, clear, turquoise water of the Caribbean, there is no doubt that this is a country full of beautiful beaches and wonderful beach towns. This beautiful country is well-known for having some of the most private villas in the world, as well, as some of the most impressive private yachts and planes you’ve ever seen. Whatever fantasy, Mexico surely can make it come true.

Traveling with kids doesn't have to be an exhausting experience. Instead of taking them to a theme park, consider taking your family trip to Mexico. Between the amazing whale watching, beaches, and archaeological treasures, there's plenty to put on your bucket list.

Natural Beauty

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The best beaches are found in Mexico. With more than 6,000 miles of pristine coastline, there are up to 450 sandy stretches of paradise to visit. Near the top of the list is Tulum's Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach), but what about the beach at the charming colonial town of Sabancuy in the beautiful Campeche region, and not forgetting the golden expanse and rolling waves of Zipolite in Oaxaca. Travel inland and you’ll even see phenomena like a natural mineral pool in Oaxaca that looks like a waterfall that’s been frozen by minerals for thousands of years. For somewhere more developed, Playa del Carmen is the go-to beach destination to enjoy the sunny white sands and swimming in turquoise Caribbean waters, followed by evenings enjoying drinks in cocktail bars and dining in top restaurants.

Looking for a Mexican unique natural experience? Then you should go to the famous Cenotes. Maybe some are wondering what is a Cenote? Well, simply, it’s a cave with fresh water without a roof. The Cenotes are considered an important role for the Mayan people because in history that was the place where they used to drink water. Nowadays, they are the most popular spots among locals and tourists for cooling down from the heat and having fun. Orange sunsets that take your breath away. Purple mountain majesties that tumble to the sea. Turquoise sand kissed by sugar-white sand. These are the stunning vistas that make Mexico so insanely gorgeous.


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It goes without saying... Mexican food is delicious. Is well known for complex flavors, unique seasonal ingredients and combinations, fresh seafood, and recipes that extend back through generations that are consistently evolving. If you don't agree, it's a safe bet that a trip to Mexico City will change your mind. Here, street-food culture reigns supreme, bringing vibrant, spicy dishes to the masses daily. Tacos, tamales, and enchiladas – available at the many local taquerías – are among the most popular picks. If you’re a food lover or chef, living or owning a home in Mexico is a great idea to entertain. All over the country are exquisite culinary opportunities.  Mexico’s cuisine is so impressive that it was recently awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO, the first recipient of its kind. Tequila and mezcal, the perfect spirits to accompany the spectacular local flavors, are Mexico’s pride and joy and deserve your attention as well.

You have to make sure you sample the food and enjoy everything Mexico has to offer. It’s almost sure that you’ve tried tacos, nachos, enchiladas, and burritos before, but have you ever had them in Mexico? Don’t miss this opportunity to sample some of the most amazing Mexican food on the market.

Architectural Treasures

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Some of the world's best architecture is based in Mexico. In the Yucatán Peninsula, you can find a lot of ancient buildings, some are also revered as precious architectural gems. Some of the world’s richest archaeological sites are found here as well, including thousands of ruins and pyramids, most notably located near Mexico City and Tulum. In the magnificent town of Taxco, south of Mexico City, Colonial-era artwork comes to life inside twin-towered Santa Prisca de Taxco church – an elaborately designed building that is nothing short of spectacular.

Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba are the three Mayan ruins that get the most air time, but there are 23 more sites you can explore. You can get a tour of the ruins, ride a bike under a tree-shaded path to the bottom of the main pyramid and then make the climb. Chichen Itza, this overwhelming structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the #2 most visited archaeological site in Mexico

Impressively, Mexico contains more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the Americas. Visiting one of these awe-inspiring sites will allow you to truly understand the artistry, vision, and engineering that went into designing and building them.

Markets & Culture

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The Mexican people are known to be extremely friendly, making a point to ensure visitors feel welcome. A lot of people say that the best way to get to know Mexico is to visit its markets. This is especially true in Mexico City, where market culture is very much alive. Mercado Jamaica has pretty much every variety you can think of. Meanwhile, Mercado San Juan is a gourmet food paradise, featuring exotic ingredients and rare imported food might include crocodile, rabbit, ostrich, and even insects. Outside of Mexico City, markets in Oaxaca have a reputation for showcasing original crafts, handmade wares, and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Mexico is pretty much where you can find the world's best Tequila. Tequila is actually a town in Mexico's Central Highlands known for the agave plants. According to Mexican law, more than half (at least 51%) of tequila must be derived from a type of agave called Tequilana weber, which happens to grow exclusively in this part of the Central Highlands. The country has a rich cultural history and its people are still proud to maintain the customs and traditions of their ancestors which include the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs, Maya, and Olmecs with over 60 surviving indigenous languages still spoken.

When it comes to the vibe and the gente, you’ll discover has to layer upon layer of intriguing cultural attractions, which is one of the most compelling reasons to visit Mexico.




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