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Why Are More People Choosing Luxury Vacation Rentals For Their Destination Weddings?

  • 2nd Aug 2020
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Why Are More People Choosing Luxury Vacation Rentals For Their Destination Weddings?

And she said, ‘I do’. Overlooking the splendid sunset and turquoise waters of the Tuscan beach they say their vows and promise each other a happily ever after. Who doesn’t dream of a picture-perfect wedding with their beloved? To top it up, if it’s an intimate luxurious destination wedding with your closed ones, it’s the perfect wedding.

The vacation rental industry has been a boom over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down. Travel is still on the rise, as well as an interest in experiencing higher-quality and home-like vacations. Nowadays you can see how people are booking longer trips, spending more money, and traveling further to find their perfect destination.

According to Trip Savvy Report of 2019 in the US, more than 25% of weddings are a destination wedding and most of them are in locations abroad. It is a 16 billion dollar industry and on average guests spend more than 3 days in such locations. Hence, it becomes obvious that a luxury vacation rental property takes a forefront in this trend as they provide amazing comfort and services for a group based event; a wedding seems to be a perfect recipient of such benefits.

The idea of renting a luxury vacation rental is to dream big. Imagine a property that has its private beach. Is there anything more exciting than celebrating your wedding day with panoramic views of the ocean? Not to mention how amazing a sunset beachfront backdrop would look at your wedding pictures.

How about a medieval castle? Where vows of great kings and queens were taken once upon a time. Is there anything more exclusive than experiencing being Royalty. How about some great local cuisine and traditional beverages? Does that excite you and your partner to bring your family and loved ones together?

Choosing a prestigious vacation rental for a destination wedding allows being closer to all the loved ones at the same time. They are not only in an exciting destination, but they have their favourite people there to share the moment with.



Wedding and Honeymoon in one

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This plan makes it easier and you don't require to plan two trips. You can also choose to either stay there after the guests leave or move to another location. Travellers have more options with vacation rentals comparing in booking a hotel room, guests usually can’t pick the location or receive all the amenities they need.

The honeymoon is the perfect time to enjoy yourself with your new partner in crime! Staying in a luxury vacation rental not only affords you the privacy you’ll want, but it also means you will enjoy a good bit more space – something to be treasured after all the stress and drama of your fabulous wedding.

We know that starting a new life with someone is an exciting and unique moment. Up the thrill factor with a truly authentic travel experience! Staying in a vacation rental for your honeymoon will help you feel more connected with your destination and your love. So, whether you’re shacking up in a boho-chic house, a Caribbean beachfront villa, or a quaint cabin the mountains, you’ll feel truly at home.



Longer Celebration

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The most common wedding is only a one-day celebration, and after a morning of getting well dressed and glamorous, the bride and groom are only with their guests for part of a day. Having a destination wedding allows them to spend a few days celebrating this special time altogether.

Whether it’s a three-day trip or a seven-day trip, they can celebrate with one day at the pool, one day on a group excursion, and one day at the spa day all in one trip! And when it comes to taking pictures, the photographer will not only have photos of the bride and groom walking down the aisle but of all the moments spent with friends and family throughout the week. That’s a really good deal if you think about it!

You can also use such luxury vacation rental properties for receptions and after-parties.



More Privacy

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This is an important one! A destination wedding is perfect for couples who prefer a smaller, more intimate ceremony and celebration. Also, it’s a great way to facilitate the organization of the guest list. If the bride and broom are overwhelmed with who they are going to invite, having a destination wedding is a perfect way to allow them to trim down who they are inviting and share the moment with just a handful of loved ones.

These days, many engaged couples use vacation rentals as wedding venues. If the plan is skipping getting married in a church and looking to have a low-key wedding in privacy, a vacation rental is a great option. From charming bungalows to large country houses, there’s something to cater to every person's taste.

What about not being able to relax at the pool because dozens of people were fighting for space? If so, you know how inconvenient this is, and how you sacrificed privacy. Opting for vacation rentals provide more privacy than a hotel room or suite in which guests share pools, hot tubs, laundry facilities, and eating areas. Renting a home can provide guests with their bedroom, bathroom, and seating area.

Also, when it’s time to unwind, they have a personal, dedicated space. Vacation homes are great for families because parents can put kids to bed and then keep enjoying the facilities of the house. Travellers can book multiple hotel rooms to have more privacy, but it’s usually a more complicated and costly affair.

As indicated above a lot of people especially in the US and Europe are opting for destination weddings. Pick a destination where you’re almost guaranteed to have good weather and it will be a wedding you never forget. Some of the top luxury vacation rentals for weddings abroad include rustic villas in Tuscany, Italy, luxury villas in Cabo, Mexico, and beach houses in Jamaica. While it can be expensive to get married abroad, you can get a lot more for your money in terms of the style of the property and the size of the vacation rental. Services such as catering, DJs, and photographers are often available as a part of the rent or concierge service by the property.


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Exclusive spaces for the guests

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A vacation rental property means you, and your guests will have the benefit of a fully stocked house, this means no disturbance from other guests or hotel staff, just spends your holiday according to your own rules. Whether you are looking for a city trip, a relaxing holiday with your family or with friends. Simply enjoy lots of room, flexibility, and freedom in your holiday home. This typically includes a kitchen with full appliances, so there’s the option of preparing a meal, making a quick snack or smoothie, barbequing, etc. This way guests spend time getting to know each other and form new memories and connections - a major point about destination weddings! Your guests will actually enjoy more the stay plus they will break the ice bonding each other and creating memories together. Staying together at a vacation rental is also great for anyone who has diet restrictions, is health conscientious, or just picky. They’re free to prepare what they would similar to home.


Growth of wedding tourism with advent of Vacation rentals

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Wedding tourism plays a vital role in the businesses involved in the travel and tourism sector. In fact one of the biggest sources for revenue for the global luxury vacation rentals is destination wedding. For some local emerging economies, destination weddings have made this their primary source of revenue. Moreover, the recent growth of online travel and rental agencies have made it easier for couples to find the ideal location within their budget range.

In conclusion, nowadays everyone is getting creative when it comes to arranging their weddings, some prefer it more private, others expect something more like a big celebration. Thankfully choosing great luxury vacation rentals helps you to choose the style you want to combine with your wedding inspiration. You said “yes!”, now where will you say "I do"?


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