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Which Are The Most Prestigious Luxury Projects in South Mumbai by Lodha Luxury & Lodha Developers?

  • 2nd Sep 2022
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Which Are The Most Prestigious Luxury Projects in South Mumbai by Lodha Luxury & Lodha Developers?

Lodha Developers is without a doubt one of India's leading real estate companies. With a vast portfolio of domestic and international real estate projects, Lodha Developers has established itself as an illustrious real estate development firm. Lodha Developers builds a number of luxury real estate projects under its main brand, Lodha Developers, as well as a number of ultra-luxury real estate projects under a sub-brand appropriately named Lodha Luxury.

The Lodha Luxury Collection includes luxury houses located in some of the world's most exclusive areas, such as Billionaire's Row in Mumbai and the original location of the Bentley Brothers in the heart of Mayfair, London. Each neighbourhood was hand-selected to serve as the backdrop for some of the city's most sought properties, and the process was carried out with careful care.

It's likely that we're referring to opulent historic areas, thriving urban centres, or even regions endowed with exceptional natural beauty.

When staying at the one-of-a-kind palace that is Lodha Luxury, those with a taste for the finer things in life will always feel like they are in the company of aristocracy. Because each building is a piece of art in its own right and these massive buildings adorn the enormous skylines, it should not come as a surprise that Lodha Luxury is an experience that is locked in by a blueprint and brought to life by the hands of the industry's most accomplished craftsmen.

In fact, it should come as no surprise that Lodha Luxury is created to be a memorable experience.

The voyage is akin to a blank canvas that is brought to life by the artist's meticulous brushstrokes. It begins as a fleeting concept in the artist's head and evolves into a wonderful work of art worthy of being shown in a prestigious museum or acquired at a high auction price.

Lodha Luxury takes place in some of the world's most coveted locales. It is an extravaganza of high living conditions and outstanding pieces of art. Here, fine art and ordinary luxury coexist without seeming to be in conflict. Luxuriance, artistic expression, and the ambiance of the venue are combined in a manner that is both complimentary and complementary. It would be an understatement to suggest that individuals who love art find it delightful.

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to those who subscribe to the guiding philosophy of Lodha Luxury, which is to appreciate life's most beautiful facets. We ensure that our residents exclusively participate in the most opulent and prominent activities by granting them admission to the Members Only Club and privileged seats at carefully chosen events in the art, fashion, and culture spheres. Obviously, we have on display a number of works bought from renowned auction houses such as Christie's, and they may be found here.

Paintings by some of the most well-known painters in the history of art, such as Pablo Picasso, are occasionally used in the building of opulent structures. The brand's mission is to present the most discerning Mumbai residents with experiences that reflect the company's commitment to excellent workmanship, the arts, and excitement in everything that it does. Lodha Luxury has established itself as a leader in the Indian real estate industry via the provision of one-of-a-kind residences and unmatched service.

Each duty is performed with the ultimate objective of providing the consumer with a really luxurious experience. Our whole crew is committed to doing whatever it takes to meet the needs of our most valued customers. Our mission at Lodha Luxury is to produce exceptional pieces of art that may be passed down through the generations. We want to leave a legacy that demonstrates your enthusiasm for all things large and beautiful, and that future generations will regard as highly as you do today.

Lodha The Park, in Worli

Lodha Park, South Mumbai's true urban sanctuary, is a 7-acre private park nestled inside a 17-acre magnificent complex that takes its design cues from some of the world's best public parks. In the middle of the action, it provides a much higher quality of life. The fully realised and flourishing integrated complex has huge open spaces, lush greens, world-class facilities, and unrivalled hospitality service. Located in the heart of Worli in South Mumbai, Lodha Park is surrounded by some of the city's most famous landmarks and residential areas, and it offers its residents a chance to enjoy a lifestyle that is really unique.

With its convenient location and modern facilities, Lodha The Park is one of South Mumbai's most desirable residential areas. The plan for the property demonstrates that it is aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. The plans call for a more modern aesthetic, making this a highly sought-after destination. One of the finest Worli Mumbai South apartment complexes is Lodha The Park. It has reliable connections to all of Mumbai's most important areas. This campus has excellent safety and maintenance standards.

Lodha The Park Details

Covers around 14.58 acres of land.

A total of 79 floors/stories

2, 3, 4, and 5 Bedroom Flats, Apartments, and Penthouses

The 28.32-hectare (73,227-square-foot) private park is a definite plus. Six Private Swimming Areas. India's First Gym Named After Evander Holyfield. At Lodha's The Park in Worli, 7 acres of the 17-acre residential property atop a 70-foot-tall 'hill' in Worli, South Mumbai, have been specially constructed as an homage to nature. Motivated by the world's best public parks. There is the Lodha The Park offers an ideal urban lifestyle, one that is currently not possible in Mumbai, with over 7-acres of space, which is equivalent to 6-football fields put together, or about 1.5 times the size of the world’s largest cricket ground – the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), The Park is a tapestry of experiences, pulsating with vibrant life and activity, so rich it would take a lifetime to enjoy all of them.

Lodha The Park is the primary option of high-end urban affluent aristocracy for residing in South Mumbai. It is the number one residential community in South Mumbai. Greater than 70 percent of the land is covered by thick, green grass. In all honesty, I wouldn't want to leave such a lovely spot to live. It's the perfect well-planned township for social living, with all of the units featuring two-sided open corners and luxury living. In conclusion, the Lodha The Park is South Mumbai's crowning achievement.

At Lodha The Park, you won't find any run-of-the-mill apartments. The home has various intriguing elements that make it a superb residential masterpiece of South Mumbai. There are six private pools built to international standards, and the private park is around 28,000 square feet.

Lodha The Park's amenities include a badminton court, basketball court, golf course, lawn tennis court, swimming pool, club, banquet hall, grocery store, library, etc., all of world standards.

The Learning Curve, Worli Seaface BMC High School, Greenlawn's School Worli, DY Patil International School, KLAY Preschool and Day Care, Podar International Schoool, Holy Cross High School, etc. are just a few of the prestigious schools and institutes located nearby.

Nearby parks and recreation include BMC Garden & Chidlerns Park, Worli Sea Face Garden, Astro Park, and many more, all within walking distance from Lodha The Park.

Phoenix Palladium, Heera Panna Shopping Center, Grand Galleria, Manish Commercial Complex, etc. are some of the nearby malls.

Eating Points Nearby:- Bombay Brasserie, Sea Lord, Sea Corner, Kalpana Restaurant And Bar, Glocal Junction, AER, Townhall Restaurant, Farzi Cafe, Angrezi Dhaba, and many more.

The Game Mumbai, Odean Cinema, INOX Atrio, PVR Phoenix, Orama 4D Theater, Bharatmata Cinema, Deepak Talkies, and many more theatres are all within a short drive.

South Bombay Bar, AER, Lord of the Drinks Lower Parel, Diablo Mumbai, Kalpana Restaurant And Bar, 145 Cafe & Bar, Glocal Junction, Talaiva, London Taxi, etc. are just few of the local watering holes that welcome partygoers late into the night.

Hospitals Nearby:- Several multispeciality hospitals are also in near neighbourhood such as Piramal Memorial Hospital, ESIS Hospital, Worli Hospital For Women, MA Podar Hospital, Peoples Mobile Hospital, Parel Hospital, Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Global Hospitals, etc.

Transportation: The Lodha The Park is located about 14.5 kilometres from Mumbai's main airport ( Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport). Additionally, it is just 40,5 km from the future site of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) (Greenfield International Airport).

Design - Approximately 85 percent of the 14.58-acre site where the apartments in The Park are located is dedicated to green space. It consists of 14 towers with a total of 79 stories and can house a maximum of 2581 people in apartments or houses. Lodha Apartments, penthouses, and other dwellings ranging in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms may be found at The Park. In square feet, the apartments range from 898 to 100 to 1072 to 1305 to 1674 to 1792 to 1890.


Lodha World Towers, Worli

If you're looking for a great place to live in Worli, Mumbai South, consider The World Towers. It is a residential building that has been recognised as environmentally friendly by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programme. The Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road ensures that the area is well linked to both the western and eastern suburbs of Mumbai. The World Towers is the most luxury construction by the famed Lodha developers.

Prefabricated in 2018

Land Area: Approximately 17 Acres

There are 117 floors/stories in all.

There are a total of 447 condos/units.

Apartments/Flats with 3, 4, or 5 Bedrooms; furthermore, Penthouses

Benefits:- World One, the highest residential skyscraper in the world, will be a part of the World Structures, a 17-acre complex with three iconic towers (117 stories). Armani/Casa, one of the world's most prestigious design firms, was commissioned to create the interiors of the World Towers.

The World Towers is a combination of 3 towers, unusually curvilinear in form. The World Towers constitute a beautiful sculpture of glass and steel. An iconic representation of Mumbai's boundless ambition and unquenchable spirit. The towering World Towers completely alter the skyline of the city.

The World Towers, a spectacular 17-acre complex located on the sparkling stretch that is home to some of Mumbai's best homes, corporate spaces, and luxury hotels, represents world standards in luxury. Elegant palm-lined The Avenue leads to a huge manicured entry plaza that spans about 100,000 square feet and is home to some of the city's best gourmet eateries. The World Towers rise majestically from a pedestal of five acres, surrounded by greenery and placid pools of water.

If you deviate from the main route, you'll enter a another universe. The Avenue, the 4-lane avenue lined with palm trees that leads to The World Towers, has all the energy and allure of the world's best boulevards. The Avenue has two of the city's finest restaurants on one side. The opposite side is bounded by the verdant Lodha Place Park, a green space influenced by Mumbai's diverse culture and history that gives the citizens of this bustling metropolis access to the outdoors. Your ride back home will look like this — eco-friendly, chic, and flawless.

The Mumbai International Airport, schools, grocery stores, and hospitals are all easily accessible. Views of Mumbai from the World Towers are very breathtaking. All areas of your apartment in the World Towers will get enough natural light and air circulation thanks to the building's clever layout. Individuals seeking apartment living in South Mumbai will find this to be an excellent option. It is a good alternative for people searching for luxury in leisure, enjoys the convenience, and quick access to other sections of the city. Because of its proximity to several social facilities, it has become the most prestigious location in South Mumbai.

The World Towers is an example of a low-density residential community, and this is a positive thing. There are just 447 apartments spread over 17 acres, which bodes well for a quiet lifestyle.

The World Towers has an abundance of green space, a spectacular panorama of the city below, gardens with mood-lifting blooms, a sports complex with a variety of courts, etc. Elevate the aesthetic value of this opulent community and offer newcomers even more motivation to make Green World their home. It's a great residential community full with vibrant people and places.

Amenities:- The World Towers provides amenities such as Gymnasium, Jogging track, Lawn tennis court, Basketball Court, Badminton Court, Golf Course, an international class club, indoor and outdoor Swimming Pools. Indoor amenities in this community include a squash court, meeting room, library, grocery store, and more!

The Learning Curve, Worli Seaface BMC High School, Greenlawn's School Worli, DY Patil International School, KLAY Preschool and Day Care, Podar International Schoool, Holy Cross High School, etc. are just a few of the prestigious schools and institutes located nearby.

Three parks, including BMC Garden and Chidlerns Park, Worli Sea Face Garden, Astro Park, and many more, are within easy walking distance of World Towers.

Phoenix Palladium, Heera Panna Shopping Center, Grand Galleria, Manish Commercial Complex, etc. are some of the nearby malls.

You'll find a wide variety of restaurants including Bombay Brasserie, Sea Lord, Sea Corner, Kalpana Restaurant and Bar, Glocal Junction, AER, Townhall Restaurant, Farzi Cafe, Angrezi Dhaba, and many more in the area.

The Game Mumbai, Odean Cinema, INOX Atrio, PVR Phoenix, Orama 4D Theater, Bharatmata Cinema, Deepak Talkies, and many more theatres are all within a short drive.

South Bombay Bar, AER, Lord of the Drinks Lower Parel, Diablo Mumbai, Kalpana Restaurant And Bar, 145 Cafe & Bar, Glocal Junction, Talaiva, London Taxi, etc. are just few of the local watering holes that welcome partygoers late into the night.

Several hospitals, including the Piramal Memorial Hospital, ESIS Hospital, Worli Hospital for Women, MA Podar Hospital, Peoples Mobile Hospital, Parel Hospital, Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital, Global Hospitals, etc. are located nearby.

Connectivity: It has good connections to several modes of public transit and other community resources. From the Omkar 1973 Worli, the distance to Mumbai International Airport is just 14.5 kilometres ( Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport). Additionally, it is just 40,5 km from the future site of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) (Greenfield International Airport).

Sizes:- The World Towers complex consists of residential buildings spread out across an area of 17 acres, about 65% of which is open space. There are just 447 apartments or homes spread over its three buildings and 117 storeys. Apartments, penthouses, etc., in the World Towers are 3BHK, 4BHK, and larger. Each apartment or flat has a different size, ranging from 1583 to 8000 square feet.

LODHA MALABAR - Walkeshwar

Lodha Malabar is situated in South Mumbai’s greatest location

Lodha Malabar, a forthcoming ultra-luxury development in South Mumbai, is situated on the renowned Walkeshwar Road, next the Governor's estate, with access to both the Arabian Sea and the Hanging Gardens. At Lodha Malabar, literally the world is at your feet.

Exemplary, nothing less

The Luxurious Services of Club Saint Amand for Lodha Malabar residents. Club Saint Amand, a private members' club, is designed with your interests and energetic, sociable, and leisurely lifestyle in mind.

A life perfectly designed for you - Lodha Luxury inhabitants will enjoy a life ideally arranged for them, due to the deft touch of professionals in luxury hospitality from Saint Amand.


Lodha Maison is an exclusive bunch of 12 luxury garden homes on a 7-acre elevated platform in Worli and probably Mumbai's best-kept luxury real estate secret. Nature, luxury, solitude, and the unique opportunity to own property in the middle of South Mumbai are all brought together in these opulent townhouses with lifelong views of the park greens.

It's safe to say that Lodha Maison is Mumbai's best-kept secret, as it's a true luxury to have your own home on a pristine plot of land.

These 12 luxury townhouses in Worli, Mumbai, are located on a 7-acre podium garden and provide a rare chance to live in a sustainable environment. Gain access to open green spaces while working from home (a rarity in Mumbai).

The seclusion of one's own house that is not attached to anything else

Lodha Maison is the perfect blend of opulence and nature, whether you're picking herbs from your own kitchen garden or hosting a party on your rooftop terrace. You'll have a hard time choose between the five gardens you have at home.

Scenes that will remain in your memory for the rest of time

Set on a green plateau at one end of a beautifully groomed park, the garden townhouses have unobstructed views of the park's broad greens, which stretch from your front door to the other half of the park and beyond.

With Its Very Own Private Driveway

The residences in Lodha Maison each have their own private entrance and driveway. Leave your vehicle at the front gate and enter your private garage; from there, take the elevator to your house.

An exceptional lifestyle in one of these 12 garden townhomes

Villa-like seclusion among the conveniences of a contemporary gated community; five stories in height.

An entrance garden that welcomes the outside in

From "Imagine living like you're on vacation every day-amidst a surrounding teeming with nature, the finest amenities at your disposal, and the masters of luxury hospitality, Saint Amand at your service," to "A luxurious front garden with a private plunge pool that calms you even before you step inside."

The interior rooms open up to the outside ones.

The clever combination of enclosed and open areas in your house ensures a constant supply of cool air and light.

Hide away in complete seclusion

At the ground level, you'll find your own private parking spot, and from there, you may enter your home through a private elevator.

Your terrace garden, the showpiece.

Living at Lodha Maison is like owning a piece of history, where modern comforts are seamlessly integrated with a sense of wonder at the wonders of the natural world.

Lodha Maison's Private Club

A exclusive club with all the luxuries you can imagine, only for the 12 families that call the Lodha Maison townhomes home. It has everything you might want, including a private theatre, a heated indoor pool, a well-appointed fitness centre, and a special area for hosting parties.

Amenities that stand out

The clubhouse is 60,000 square feet in size and was designed by Patricia Urquiola. It features six swimming pools, an indoor games room, air-conditioned indoor tennis and badminton courts, a cricket ground with a full-size cricket pitch, a 200-meter athletics track, and a 1-kilometer-plus jogging and walking track.

Knowledge is power

Over 4,000 volumes in this massive collection.

Palaces specifically designed for contemplation

Cinema en plein air

Club performance



Garden with organic herbs and vegetables, fruit trees, a small woodland, and a botanical park

More than a thousand varieties of trees.

Various types of water features, such as waterfalls, fountains, and canals

a spa of unparalleled elegance and sophistication

The Design team for Lodha Maison

Hayley Mitchell

Mitchell and Lodha Luxury teamed together to create the breathtaking Lodha Maison. He or she is a pioneer in the field of retail design and strategy, and is thus widely regarded as an expert in the field of hospitality interior design.


WOHA, pioneers in eco-friendly skyscrapers throughout the globe, dreamed of the building's cutting-edge exterior and design. Every WOHA townhouse is naturally ventilated according to the company's proprietary "breathing architecture," which promotes the free flow of air throughout the structure.

Patrica Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is well-known for her innovative designs and daring style.

After dazzling the world's elite with her work on Barcelona's Mandarin Oriental hotel. In the Lodha Park clubhouse, Patricia has used her own artistic brilliance to create a setting that is both grand and distinctly her own.

PLA Landscape

PLA Landscape is a multinational construction company that focuses on luxury resorts, hotels, and homes. Every PLA setting encourages an intimate connection between humans and the natural world.

Lodha Park is PLA's most ambitious project to date, and it poses the challenge of creating a natural refuge in the middle of a bustling city, full of life and activity and a tapestry of experiences that are harmoniously woven together to enrich the lives of its residents.

Lodha Maison's Five-Star Amenities

Saint Amand: The mastermind behind a stress-free existence in the smallest of details

Saint Amand in-residence was designed to meet the high expectations of Lodha Luxury's clientele and has a staff that is on hand to assist with everything from the mundane to the fantastical.

Lodha Seamont

Lodha Altamount

The site once occupied by the Washington House, the official house of the United States Consul General, is now home to a prominent monument. Billionaire's Row is the world's ninth most expensive street. The Lodha Altamount is a magnificent glass structure that overlooks the whole of South Mumbai from this street. The Lodha Altamount has 52 apartments distributed over 40 stories, as well as two floors of recreational space with a 25-meter swimming pool whose temperature is kept at a constant level and a Picasso painting to welcome tourists as they approach the structure.

A dynasty entrenched in monarchy and powerImagine a 2-kilometer stretch of calm hillside in the most exclusive neighbourhood in Mumbai, replete with gorgeous colonial-style homes and tree-lined boulevards. Imagine a collection of affluent and powerful individuals, such as Indian royalty, international leaders, and early industrialists. Imagine a town in which the magical attraction has survived the shift from horses to automobiles. Consider the nation's most distinguished postal address.

Return to your house on Billionaires' Row.

Altamount Road has gained the moniker "Billionaires' Row" owing to its history as a popular hangout for the children of affluent company owners and government leaders, as well as the nation's most distinguished families. Altamount Road may now name itself one of the most prestigious addresses in the world, as it ranks tenth on the list of the most expensive streets.

The city's outstanding architectural accomplishment

Washington House, the former residence of the United States Consul General, has been replaced with a new landmark at the top of Altamount Road. High above South Mumbai, Lodha Altamount is a glass masterpiece that hides its rich residents from prying eyes while providing unimpeded views of the Arabian Sea and the city below.

Truly Rare

Your Lodha Altamount home has floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, providing stunning views of the ocean. The metropolitan environment, the historic Haji Ali Mosque, and the posh Breach Candy and Queens Necklace. Observe everything from your unique vantage point above the hill.

Super Exclusive

With just one apartment per floor, Lodha Altamount offers the greatest in privacy, comparable to a house in the sky. Each unit is protected from prying eyes by UV-resistant, double-glazed, tinted glass.

Luxury houses in affluent South Mumbai

We wanted you to be free to make your home a reflection of yourself, so we left the walls and ceilings unfinished and urged you to use your imagination to add personal touches. There are just a handful of five-bedroom villas available in Mumbai's most exclusive neighbourhood.

Luxury 5-bedroom villa

The exquisite home boasts every imaginable amenity, establishing a new benchmark for luxury living on Altamount Road. A private, luxurious deck to which you may at any time. A yoga mat to help you unwind and relax after a stressful day. Everything in your new home's opulent surrounds.

Incredibly luxurious services at Lodha Altamount

On the Lifestyle Level, two whole floors have been dedicated aside for your recreational pleasure.

Reception area

The tea room at the Lodha Altamount Hotel's lobby has a masterpiece by Pablo Picasso.

There is an open-air swimming pool.

Deck area around a 25-meter swimming pool provides residents with a calm location to unwind.

A Meal for Two

Suitable for any kind of formal dinner event, whether business or social.

Private Treat

A private theatre with seating for 12 and the most advanced audiovisual technology.

Spa offering massage treatments

It is a massage chamber, thus it will stimulate your senses.


Training and nutrition advice targeted to your individual requirements.

Rooftop swimming pool with observation platform

Because of its scenic position and amazing views, the rooftop pool and observatory is the finest spot to have a party.

Experts behind Lodha Altamount

Hadi Teherani

Hadi's innovative designs have always surprised the globe. This Hamburg architect designed the outside of the Lodha Altamount with the intention of making it a strong and lasting symbol of the city's promise for the future.

Rajiv Saini

The historic Devigarh Palace in Udaipur, which was created by Rajiv, is noted for its vibrant colour scheme and beautiful design. In the community spaces of Lodha Altamount, his peculiar style may be seen.

Hirsch Bedner

Since 1965, Hirsch Bedner Associates has been at the forefront of the hospitality design industry, and the firm's designers have always understood the requirements of today's sophisticated travellers. The observatory atop Lodha Altimount is yet another amazing structure designed by HBA.

Saint Amand is the genius behind a stress-free life in the slightest of aspects.

The faculty of Saint Amand in-residence is available to help with everything from the commonplace to the fanciful.

Route d'Altamount

Altamount Road is, with good reason, one of the most sought and distinguished addresses in India.

Mahalaxmi race course view

From the highest point of Altamount Road, there are spectacular views of the oval-shaped racetrack.

Luxury Hotels near Lodha Altamount

There are hotels of lasting grandeur within a short distance of Altamount Road.

The Taj Mahal in Mumbai, India

A Night at the Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point

Point Trident and the Nariman

At the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai

Mumbai's Intercontinental Hotel

Upscale Neighbourhood

Unmatched array of upscale social clubs in the most exclusive neighbourhood in Mumbai.

Royal Western Turf Club, affiliated with the Western Racing Association

The Willingdon Athletic Association

The Broken Candy Society

The premier cricketing organisation in India

Shopping for Fine Goods

Altamount Road is situated among some of the city's most tempting businesses and upscale merchants.


Specifically, the mountain known as Mont Blanc.


Louis Vuitton.

Boutiques Specializing in Designer and Couture Garments

Expressions of the Creative Process

The Altamount Road neighbourhood is a prominent cultural hub.

The Jehangir Gallery of Art




Dining out is an unforgettable experience.

Altamount Road, whose name is linked with fine dining, is situated just outside of the city's gastronomic hub.

The Committee


The Souk, or Market


This Is The Domed Structure



Lodha Costiera


Lodha Trump Towers


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