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Welcome to The Luxury Life At Golden Rock Resort, Dutch Island, St. Eustatius

  • 9th Jan 2022
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Welcome to The Luxury Life At Golden Rock Resort, Dutch Island, St. Eustatius

A picture perfect location

Nestled between Anguilla and St. Kitts, St. Eustatius (Statia) is the perfect destination for history lovers, bird watchers, or those looking for peace and serenity. Golden Rock Resort accommodates these needs by offering the perfect location with historical monuments per square mile, secluded beaches to enjoy nature, and its proximity to Statia's other treasures. With a small population of 3,000 residents, native bird species, and historical monuments - this luxury location in the Caribbean is surely as private as private can get on the planet today! This is indeed a super ideal place to create lifestyle luxury accommodations for those seeking peace and relaxation.

A truly exclusive luxury hotel

It is at this exemplary location on the Dutch island of St. Eustatius that Golden Rock Resort opened in 2021. This amazing luxury hotel resort offers an upscale lifestyle combined with an unbeatable natural beauty surrounding the idyllic property. The 32-room exclusive luxury hotel offers an experience unlike any other in the Caribbean by maintaining a balance between relaxation and adventure with the most sought-after hiking spot literally seconds away from your abode.

The Golden Rock Resort has a large selection of rooms: modern finishes and ocean views, private balconies with views for sunrises and sunsets, indoor and outdoor pools including an asymmetrical pool which is about to be updated. Guests at the resort can also workout at the state-of-the-art indoor gym, dine at the many restaurants overlooking the sea, relax at their spa treatments or off site excursions such as hikes and diving.

Guests can hop over to Breeze, an amazing restaurant, for drool-worthy creations like the Steak Wellington, Grilled Grouper au Poivre, and Linguine with Lobster seasonings among other mouthwatering items.


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