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WB Hotels Obtains USD 40 Million For Brand Expansion & Development

  • 23rd Sep 2022
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WB Hotels Obtains USD 40 Million For Brand Expansion & Development

WB Hotels, India's leading online tech-based hotel brand, has secured INR 40 million from its current investors and will use the cash to expand new regions, reinforce senior leadership positions, and improve AIML and RPA-based technology.

The company aspires to enter the exclusive 1,000,000-room club by acquiring 1,000,000 rooms by 2023.

Under the guidance of Chandan Pandey, Co-Founder & CEO, and Aman Gupta, Founder, this pioneering fraternity aims to give HR, financial, and technological assistance to every budget-friendly hotel in the nation.

This innovative travel IT firm has 950+ Hotels, 20,000+ Rooms, 27+ States, and 150+ locations that are expanding by the minute. Designed to maximise the online profitability of co-branded hotels, WB is an imaginative solution to revenue losses, growing expenses, and user acquisition difficulties. In addition, the brand provides specialised services that boost occupancy and efficiency using cutting-edge technology. They have further simplified this procedure by allowing hotel operators to join WB Hotels without incurring any membership fees.

WB has exclusive brand-level relationships with the top OTAs in order to provide hotels with high-quality listings as well as the capabilities and technology for enhanced exposure. The WB programme optimises all hotels using cutting-edge technologies to enhance occupancy. In order to achieve rate parity, it also includes real-time dynamic pricing and inventory management tools. These cutting-edge characteristics make the WB project exceptional. Additionally, the startup intends to go public within the next four to five years.

The Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WB Hotels, Chandan Pandey, expressed his vision and views as follows: "The technology of WB Hotels will tackle the real-time difficulties of cheap hotels. Since budget hotel owners cannot afford the most advanced technology, we are here to bring them into the fastest expanding travel technology revolution. With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based rate retrieval technology, the firm also offers its own mobile app and websites for booking hotels with ease.

WB is currently ubiquitous. From the peaceful Hotel Vinit s by WB in Bhagalpur, Bihar to the lively Hotel Skyhy by WB in Hyderabad. From the tranquil surroundings of Hotel Sahil by WB in Jammu to the sacred location of Samastipur Kailash Inn by WB. By globalising amazing local hospitality, the brand intends to connect beautiful people to beautiful locations.


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