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Ultimate Luxury Shopping Destinations in The World

  • 31st Jul 2020
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Ultimate Luxury Shopping Destinations in The World

It is said that the world is your oyster so if you’re an opportunist, you’ll definitely find a corner to direct all your shopping-spree energy at. But, if you’re a fashion aficionado who likes to pack light so as to come back with suitcases full of Dior, Armani, and a pair of Manolo Blahnik, you’ve swung onto the right place.

One common thread binding shoppers and travellers is that both breeds are connoisseurs of art and aren’t afraid of the distance they may need to cover to get to that.

If people travel for exploration, isn’t window shopping counted as that too? We most definitely believe it is, so let’s dive into the best cities for luxury shopping.



It’s a renowned fact that Italy, like a mother, has nurtured and birthed many luxury brands whose branches are spread all over the world now. Therefore, of course, Milan had to be on top of the list. Besides being known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, it is also the destination where you run the risk of being blinded by Tiffany’s cushion cut diamonds or fainting at the sight of some bedazzling Gucci shoes.

This city is famous for its patented diverse leather products spread over a plethora of nooks and corners to satiate the luxury enthusiast in you. If you want to witness a brigade of high-end fashion brands lined up in one street for you, The Golden Rectangle will be your definition of paradise. The only ticket you need to enter there is the correct pronunciation of haute couture. We’re just kidding! This street will bombard you with extravagant shopping options from Gucci to Prada to Valentino. Luxury real estate and luxury properties in Milan attract property investors from across Europe and the world. 

The artistic and bohemian daughter of Milan, Brena District, is laden with art galleries and museums, and is another hotspot flooding with high-end fashion boutiques. You can also discover the scent of your soul here, with its myriad of perfume assortments.



The oh-so-dreamy city of love, Paris is engraved with eons of history and culture that make it as beloved as it is. Aside from the spectacular Eiffel Tower, French patisseries, and romantic edifices, Paris has been the playground for riveting fashion designers like Alexander McQueen and world-renowned brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Triangle D’or should be your first stop for all things luxury. It houses a plethora of high-end fashion flagship stores with some halts to breathe in the heavenly perfumes. If you want some jewellery to go with your Louis Vuitton dress, head over to Cartier and make merry.

Le Marais will be like the smothering and welcoming arms of a mother, showering you with the most avant-garde fashion in the oldest district of the city.
You’ll find the likes of Merci, Isabel Marant, and Florian Denicourt scattered all over this district, and these don’t even begin to describe its grandeur.



This magnificent city is the most delightful amalgamation of rustic charm and contemporary beauty. Filled to the brim with gorgeous extravagance, London might leave a hole in your pocket but its streets and districts will surely fill up the void in your heart. London, synonymous with royalty, boasts of many flagships spread all over the city, so that you never go home without some big labels stuffed in your suitcase.

Who knew the historic Bond street, where pathways are stained with the footprints of history, would one day be tiptoed by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike? Jimmy Choo, Hermés, Louis Vuitton; you name it and you shall find it.

Apart from witnessing the very chic side of London, there is also the quiet but charming Burlington Arcade or Piccadilly Circus which is a shopping haven. Exclusivity greets you here, featuring all its bling and glitz with stores like CARAT London, Kwanpen, Penhaligon and many more.


New York

*play Empire State of Mind by Jay Z in the background*

Commonly known as the city where dreams come true, New York will not only fulfill your fashion fantasies, but also provide the largest buffet of both homegrown and international brands spread across its five boroughs.

The famous Upper East Side is the posh side of New York City- the ultimate location to star in chick flicks, and perhaps the classiest place on the face of the planet. It is jamp packed with stores of incredible designers like Alexander McQueen, Missoni, Gianvito Rossi, Tom Ford, and basically, any and every brand you daydream about.

Next up is the most happening street in New York City- Fifth Avenue. This is the dreamy constituent of Midtown Manhattan which will make sure to fill up your closet with the best spring/summer clothing lines out there. There will be no dearth whatsoever- you can get the most beautiful diamonds from Harry Winston, merchandise to die for from Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels. Fifth Avenue also has the biggest flagship store of Dolce & Gabbana, and if this doesn’t speak volumes of its credibility then we don’t know what does.




How can you shy away from a city whose name ends with `buy’ and is flooded with unremitting and luxurious shopping malls as dreamy as palaces?! You can’t possibly tour Dubai front to back and come back without some designer dresses and insanely expensive souvenirs.

The Dubai Mall holds in its bosom over a thousand shops with brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci for starters, along with a luxury hotel to indulge your palate and pamper your body after the elaborate spree. Starting with Bloomingdale’s, the mall builds itself up with Moncler, Off-White and then coming down to business with Harry Winston.

We saved the best for the last- the Mall of the Emirates. This is no ordinary mall but the world’s first shopping resort, where you can almost ski to the nearest Prada store, and ski right to a line full of designer clothes waiting to be tried on. Now, the Emirates city is definitely the fashion capital of the UAE but you can expect a whole lot more than just retail therapy. Yes- don’t be surprised when you come across the amazing entertainment centres, aquariums and underwater zoos on your way to snag a couple of Louboutins.


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