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Tropical Lifestyle Brand 'Colombianas' Signature Line Of Panama Hats Raises The Bar For Fashion Accessories

  • 29th Oct 2020
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Tropical Lifestyle Brand 'Colombianas' Signature Line Of Panama Hats Raises The Bar For Fashion Accessories

Colombianas collection of handmade Panama hats has been an inspired result of bringing art and fashion together beautifully that makes for the most perfect accessory. It is designed to be adorned as ‘wearable art’ for anything from a sunny day on the beach to just a casual stroll around your favorite outdoor nook but done in style.

Every piece is carefully curated and is hand painted by a talented team of artisans based in Colombia. It is their sheer grit and creative process that brings to life the details and designs of these beautiful hats. Since it is exclusively handmade, every piece stands out from the other making it absolutely distinctive and unique.



The Founder

Bringing Colombianas line of handmade Panama Hats into the market was entirely the conception of founder, Alexandra Kraft. She was inspired by Colombia’s tropical lifestyle, bold colors, culture, art and the idea of expressing yourself through what you wear- which is simply so powerful in itself.

“Wherever you turn to look in Colombia, life is colorful and full of culture and art. You can still see that the country and its people have been through a lot in the past but you can feel the gratitude and joy for life everywhere.” says Alexandra Kraft, Founder of Colombianas

Making use of colors, patterns and textures to express yourself truly holds the power to influence your state of mind as well. At Colombianas, the idea is to empower people by being bold, classy and confident through creative designs and artistic accessories.



Colombianas- The Panama Hats

The signature line was created to implement the Colombian tropical lifestyle into an accessory that would creatively represent the culture of Colombia and essentially capture the vibe of the place.

The authentic hats are all sourced from Montecristi, Ecaudor that is known to be the land of tight woven high-quality Panama hats. After being sourced, these hats are individually curated and designed to perfection. They are then hand-painted by a team of Colombian artisans who create each piece with quality craftsmanship using bold colors and art.

The idea is to express through art and create one-of-a-kind pieces that standout from the crowd and make for the most gorgeous and fashionable accessory, inspired by the beauty of Colombia.

Be it the paved streets of Cartagena with its pastel colored buildings to the blooming pink bougainvillea trees, it immediately draws people to the beauty and exquisite vibrancy of the city. The designs of Colombianas Panama hats source direct inspiration from the aesthetic of the gorgeous city.

It makes for the perfect fashion accessory especially if you are visiting a tropical destination along a sunny beach or just looking to unwind, relax and simply chill while you are out and about.



Fun Features and Techniques

What makes the Colombianas Panama Hats incredibly special is that each piece is perfected to your taste and preferences, be it in terms of size, color or prints. The brand offers a vast range of sizing in order to ensure that each client gets their absolute perfect fit.

The hats usually come in white and beige in color but you can choose to alter the base color to your preferred liking and the artisans can dye the hat with high-quality dye to get you that perfect color. With a minimal charge of $5 you can also add a small customization to your hat making it truly unique and special.

To create the most perfect size and shape, artisans use a century old weaving technique using toquilla straw. It ensures that the hat is tightly woven and makes the most beautiful straw pattern as a base for it to be hand painted.

The hats come in 11 different sizes which makes sure that the perfect fit is available for everyone. This is measured around the head to know the ideal fit for the hat.

Colombianas offer the following sizes for the Panama Hats collection- 20 ½ inches, 20 7/8 inches, 21 ¼ inches, 21 5/8 inches, 22 inches, 22 ½ inches, 22 7/8 inches, 23 ¼ inches, 23 5/8 inches, 24 inches and 24 3/8 inches.



Handcrafted Accessories, Personalization and More

While creating artistic and exquisite artwork inspired from the tropical way of living is essentially what Colombianas Hats revolves around, there is an innate focus on being mindful about their practices with regards to the environment as well.

The product as well as the methods to create them are all eco-friendly and made with due respect to the practice of art and the artist. Since every piece is so mindfully curated, the hats are delivered between 2-3 weeks and are crafted to absolute perfection.

For all the hat lovers, Colombianas also offers key personalization services wherein customers have the option to customize their very own Panama hat from Ecuador using designs of their choice. You can create one-of-a-kind designs that are tailored to match your outfit or simply wear art on your head that stands out from the crowd.

Apart from signature hat designs, Colombianas also recently introduced a line of fashion accessories with an exclusive range of handcrafted earrings. This bright, bold and colorful range is backed by hand embroidered designs and attention to detail which makes for the perfect finishing touch to your tropical outfit.



Get Your Hands On Colombianas Handcrafted Hats

The process of placing your order if you have liked a Colombianas Hat is quite simple. You can place an order through our website by simply making a purchase of the piece you like. Once your order has been placed, the brand will send off the required details to the artisans based in Ecuador who will then start working on the designs.

The hand-painting process usually takes anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks but the timing really depends on the detail and intricacy of the selected designs. Once everything is approved, the order is directly shipped off to you.

For customized designs, you can place an order through the ‘Personalized Panama Hats’ section of the website. Within 48 hours a team member will get in touch with you in order to conceptualize the vision for your custom design. Once that has been finalized, the artist begins his work on the Panama Hat. At every given point the design is approved by you to make sure that it comes out just as you had envisioned it to be.

Colombianas does not believe in mass production and offers to pay individual attention to every piece to make it unique and beautiful. Afterall, the whole idea of the brand is to create wearable art for its clients.

For the perfect tropical vacation accessories and artistic hats, reach out to Colombianas Hats and make the best of your trip in style.

You can find more information regarding Colombianas Hats below:


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