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Top Luxury Consulting Company Masha Art Presents An Art Exhibition Showcasing Indian Artists

  • 7th Mar 2021
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Top Luxury Consulting Company Masha Art Presents An Art Exhibition Showcasing Indian Artists

India’s best luxury art consultancy, Masha Art is all set to display over 40 luxury artworks by established Indian artists across a two-day show at DLF Emporio in New Delhi.

Masha Art is popularly known for changing the dynamics of luxury art, investment art and wealth management and has also expanded at DLF Camellias and Taj Mansingh Hotel.

The main idea behind this luxury art exhibition is to pay tribute to those legendary Indian master artists who have contributed to the immaculate art culture in India by showcasing their work.

The art exhibit will feature Indian contemporary artists and modern artists of India who continue to impact the country’s incredible art culture with some of the most prolific contributions to creativity.

The collection has been specially curated for art enthusiasts, connoisseurs and collectors who are looking to get their hands on some incredibly unique art pieces in India. You can also find some paintings from Bombay Progressive Artists Group on the back of the center panel.

Some eminent artists whose works have been showcased on display include Lalu Prasad Shaw, Manu Parekh, Seema Kohli, Manoj Datta, Ram Kumar, F.N Souza, K Laxmi Goud and many others.

While the pandemic has affected the Indian economy across many industries, the art sector has only flourished and continues to grow in demand even today, setting record prices.

Managing partners at Masha Art, Ishita Kheerpal and Samarth Mathur explain how art adds so much life to a space and brings character to any corner. Not only is it great for inspiration but it also has a deep reflective undertone stimulates a person’s inner vision. The epic curation at the art exhibition by Masha Art will help you add a bright and vibrant twist to your physical space as well as art portfolios.

The showcase began on the 11th of February and continues to entertain guests all through the month of March leading up to 31st at DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj.


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