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Top Insanely Expensive Ferraris in the World

  • 12th Jan 2021
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Top Insanely Expensive Ferraris in the World

Ferrari has been a household name forseveral decades due to its luxurious quality and magnificent appearance. Almost every racer has been inclined towards Ferraris, due to their speed, best engines, sumptuousness and elegant outlook. This Italian automobile company manufactured its first car with the Ferrari logo in 1947. The cooperation has made some beautiful sports cars over the span of about 80 years and has been actively participating in races. Ferraris on roads reeks of wealth, deluxe-ness and speed.

Given below is a list of the top 20 Ferraris in the world, which have been sold at jaw-dropping prices till the year 2021:

20. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (1958)

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This supercar was designed back in 1958, for the owner of the company, Scuderia Ferrari and other buyers.The engine of this car was limited to 3 liters, due to the commission passed by CSI (Commissione Sportiva Internazionale) to scale down the high speeds in races. Testa Rossa is the Italian translation of red-head in English and this name was opted for the model because the engines and exterior of the car were painted red. This racing car was bulky and heavily made to withstand any hits, and its speed, astonishingly, is 161mph. This 1958 model of Ferrari approximately values for $16.4 million and has been one the best racing cars by Ferrari till date.

19. Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Speciale (1962)

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250 SWB has been the most exquisite and posh model of Ferrari cars, due to its lavish interior, exceptional speed and classic design. The car has been owned by Nuccio Bertone, who had especially designed the car with Giorgetto Giugiaro for himself and has kept it to himself for about 35 years and is too possessive of this excellence to give it away. The estimated value of this one is $16.5 billion and was the first Ferrari GT to have disc brakes. The horsepower of this beauty was about 237-276 hp, which by the way, was commendable back then.

18. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider (1961)

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Valued for about $16.83 million, this rare Ferrari was manufactured under the California Spider collection, in which only 56 units were produced. Only sixteen units in this collection had open headlights and this 250 SWB is one of them. This high-performance 250 GT was manufactured with the vision to use it on the roads and at the races too. This California Spider comes with 3.0 literV-12 and with short wheel-base of 2400mm. The exterior of this Ferrariis so posh and sensational with a classic interior, though it doesn’t even have radio but has an ashtray, which was definitely influenced by the Italian roots of the car.

17. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider (1961)

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This Ferrari is very similar to the one mentioned above, and both were manufactured under the same limitedcollection. The automobile was designed by Scaglietti but its body was built of aluminium, and hence it was slightly more preferred at auction at Le Mans, which consequently led to higher price. Only eight cars in the California Spider collection were made of aluminium and this model is one of those rarities. However, it was similar to the above mentioned spider, in terms of speed, engine and design. This spider car was sold for $17.16 billion at an auction.

16. Ferrari 250 LM (1964)


Ferrari 250 LM is one of the 32 cars produced under this collection by Ferrari. This model has been classified by Ferrari as one of its classics and it is considered one of the best 1964 LM Ferraris. This one, with 320hp with 3286 cc aluminium-blockV-12 engine, was constructed for the race tracks, like all other ones in this range. Its highest speed is recorded 174 mph and it can reach up to 60mph in a shortspan of 5.4 seconds. This Ferrari 250 LM is worth $17.6 million and is owned by Jack Maurice of Northumberland.

15. Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competizione (1959)

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This, another masterpiece by Ferrari, is estimated to be worth $17.99 million. This Ferrari was also a part of the California Spider collection, the LWB (long wheel base) and it is the second car in the list of 8 aluminium bodied cars in the collection. This one was also designed by Carrozzeria Scaglietti and has been raced in several major races including Sports Car Club America (SCCA). This 250 GT was sold at an auction, RM Sotheby’s New York Icons 2017 and was bought by Bob Grossman.

13. Ferrari 375-Plus Spider Competizione (1954)


This champion has been built with meticulous efforts and it comes with an almost 5 liter V-12 engine with its maximum speed being 280 km/h. Its colossal engine led it to be referred as ‘Fearsome Four Nine’ by the British and ‘Le Monstre’ by the French. It is favoured by Mr. Ferrari due to its long list of wins which included prominent races like Le Mans, Silverstone and Carrera Panamericana. This sports-car is valued for $18.3 million and was designed by Pinin Farina and was driven by several top racers during the 50’s.

12. Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider Competizione (1961)

This is the twelfth most expensive Ferrari ever sold and is worth $18.5 million today. 250 GT LWB is an extremely rare model and was found at a French farm in 2014, and it was referred as ‘barn-find’. There were only 16 of such models, which had open headlights but it was out of sight for almost 50 years and due to its history combined with rarity led it to the list of expensive cars. It is also a Ferrari Classiche and a magnificent race car with an interesting history attached to it.

11. Ferrari 375-Plus Spider Competizione (1954)

This race car was originally valued for $19 million and was specifically manufactured and designed for Mille Miglia race 1954. But its popularity shot up and it was later sold at $19.5 million price tag. This model is an upgraded version of 375 Spider, with huge engine of 4954 cc and it produced 330bhp. Only few cars with upgraded version were manufactured by Pinin Farina and Vignale. The race car stood up to its expectations and won at Le Mans and several other international races.

10. Ferrari 275 GTB-C Speciale (1964)

275 Speciale is light-weightaluminium bodied race car and is equipped with 3.3 liter V-12 engine and goes as high as 320hp. This car was especially modelled for FIA homologation and factory development. This modelis extremely rare with only two counterparts of it which, reportedly, would not be up at the auctions anytime soon. This was a sports car but it did not enter racing. This rarity was sold for a big-fat amount of $26.4 million. Although, this sports car is an upgraded version of the mesmerizing 250 GTO, and both the models are designed by Scaglietti.

9. Ferrari 275 GTB-C Speciale (1964)

This Ferrari sports car is worth $27.4 million and is one of the three 250 GTB-C, the another companion of this range is the tenth most expensive Ferrari. Similar to the other 250 GTB-C, this one also carries a 3.3 liter V-12 engine and splendid magnitude of 330 horsepower. This is the only car of the collection which entered racing tracks. The sports car was owned by racer Preston Henn, who passed away in 2017; however it would not be up for auction as per the wishes of its late owner.

8. Ferrari 275 GTB/4S NART Spider (1967)

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This $27.5 million worth sports car is a classic with its vintage style and modern mechanics. NART is the abbreviation of North American Racing Team, which was devised to increase the sales of this Italian antique. This collection consisted of only 10 cars and 275 GTB NART is one of this limited collection. In the RM Auctions, 275 GTB was the second highest valued Italian car. It produces up to 300 horsepower and is equipped with Ferrari’s sensational V-12 engine. Eddie Smith, former mayor of Lexington also owned one of the ten cars from this collection.

7. Ferrari 290 MM Scaglietti Spider (1956)

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Ferrari 290 MM is rumoured to be sold for about $22-$28 million and has been driven by some of the finest racers in the past including Juan Manuel Fangio, Peter Collins and Sir Stirling Moss. Only four of such super cars were manufactured by Ferrari out of which only three are surviving and this is one of them. This auto has won some of the prominent races and is considered a boon for racing and hyper-vigilant racers. This model is also certified by Ferrari as a Classiche.

6. Ferrari 290 MM (1956)


Ferrari 290 MM, a sensational classic automobile, which was manufactured as a replacement for the 860 Monza, especially for Mille Miglia 1956. It is equipped with 3.5 liter, signature V-12 engine but with dual ignition and amps up to 280 km/h. This car, worth $28 million, belonged to Juan Manuel Fangio, the most revered racer of all time. This car is one of the only four 290 MMs manufactured by Ferrari and another one of them is mentioned above in the list.

5. Ferrari 335 S Scaglietti Spider (1957)

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This Italian sports car is a rarity, with only three of its companions manufactured by Ferrari. With a hefty 4.1 liter V-12 engine, the automobile goes as high as 400 horsepower with speed being 190 miles per hour. Its value of $35.7 million was because of its magnificent design and advanced mechanics and to top it up, it was driven by some of the most prominent and leading racers. The fifth most expensive Ferrari is one of its kinds and was cherished by its owner, Alessandro Proto.

4. Ferrari 250 GTO (1962)

The fourth luxurious sports car on this list is Ferrari 250 GTO, built in 1962. Most elite class people tried to get their hands on this rarity but only few of them were lucky and wealthy enough to buy this $39.6 million worth dragon. The GTOs are undoubtedly the most desirable cars in the world. This model has a glorious racing record and speeds up to 280 km/h and the design of the car is luxurious and vintage.

3. Ferrari 250 GTO (1962)

We have another 250 GT for you in this list which is worth a tidy sum of $48.4 million. This exotic model was sold for this hefty price at an auction in 2018. It was driven by the former F-1 World Champion Phil Hill for 1962 Targo Florido and was previously owned by Greg Whitten. It is one of the most expensive Ferraris to be sold in a public auction. It also won the Italian National GT Championship in 1962. This classic is still in pristine condition with all its authentic parts.

2.Ferrari 250 GTO (1963)

This Ferrari is similar to the top expensive Ferrari but it missed its place at the top due to its poor condition. However, even though it is not preserved as well, but it still estimates for $52 million dollars and is owned by a few lucky elites. The GTO was sold to an anonymous buyer from Paul Pappalardo. This 250 GTO has gained popularity over a course of period and it is now considered as one of the most prized possession in the automobile industry.

1.Ferrari 250 GTO (1963)

And at last, we present you to the most expensive Ferrari which was sold for a fortune of $70 million, which by the way is estimated to be approximately Rs. 477 crore in Indian currency. Ferrari 250 GT, with all its glory and splendour is owned and preserved by David MacNeil, the founder and CEO of WeatherTech. The car was designed by Giotto Bizzarrini and Sergio Scaglietti but this classic is an effort of the whole team who helped to manufacture it. This car is an epitome of elegance, luxury and design.

Even the least expensive Ferrari in this list is a classic edition and cannot be bought by just anyone. These Ferraris appeals and allures everyone due to their glorious divinity but buying them would definitely burn your wallet! Nonetheless, we can definitely admire and praise the beauty of each of these cars.


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