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The Porsche Design Conference Speaker PDS30 is a Combination of Premium Sound and Practical Design

  • 5th Aug 2022
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The Porsche Design Conference Speaker PDS30 is a Combination of Premium Sound and Practical Design

PDS30 is a smart multipurpose gadget that blends high-quality sound with an useful design, as shown by Porsche Design. Switching between calls and music is a breeze with the new conference speaker.

As part of Porsche Design's expanding audio product line, this hybrid gadget is a must-have.

The hybrid capability of the speaker is made possible by the separation of the top and bottom housings. When the two layers are flipped in the other way, the speaker is exposed and microphones may be heard. A distance of three metres is covered by four separate microphones. As a Bluetooth 5.2 speaker at home or on the go, the PDS30 is an excellent choice for listening to music and podcasts in superb quality. The cloth conceals all of the controls. The top of the speaker is adorned with a Porsche Design emblem etched into the surface.

The speaker's touch control buttons are conveniently located on the speaker's top. Change the volume, play/pause, and accept/reject/end/mute calls are all things you can do with them while using the speaker mode (when in conference mode). Using a USB-C adapter, the gadget may be easily connected to a laptop in seconds. Bottom of the speaker houses the dongle, which can be accessed quickly. Meetings may be held from any Bluetooth®-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Even improved conference call quality may be achieved by pairing the PDS30 with any smartphone assistant and connecting it through Bluetooth®. The PDS30 has a battery life of up to 12 hours and can be recharged in roughly 3 hours using a USB-C connector.

Porsche Design Conference Speaker PDS30 is currently available for €329 via Porsche Design stores, specialised merchants, and online. The charging cord and adaptor (USB-C to USB-A) are placed under the speaker's thin and light travel case. With a zipper composed of rubber and high-quality protein leather, this case is built to last.


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