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The Pegasus 88M, The World's First 3D-Printed Superyacht, is Futuristic, Zero-emission, and Invisible

  • 3rd Feb 2023
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The Pegasus 88M, The World's First 3D-Printed Superyacht, is Futuristic, Zero-emission, and Invisible

Pegasus 88M - invisible both in design and in her environmental effect

The Italian design firm Jozeph Forakis Design proposed the world's first superyacht to be 3D-printed.

PEGASUS is a zero-emission vessel slated for launch in 2030 that is "invisible both in design and in her environmental effect."

PEGASUS was created on a beach on the Greek island of Koufonissi.

"I was motivated to design a boat that was as near to the ocean and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline,"

says Forakis.

"I wanted to pay homage to nature by blending in and being almost invisible."

This desire for "invisibility" motivated Forakis to create a boat with zero emissions. Together with his team at jozeph forakis... design, they used innovative (existing and emerging) technology to achieve extraordinary levels of sustainability, range, and structural integrity.

The 88-meter superyacht is built using robotic 3D printing to build a mesh framework that integrates the hull and superstructure. Compared to traditional construction, this sturdy and lightweight structure requires less energy, materials, waste, area, and time to manufacture.

PEGASUS will emit zero carbon emissions and have a range that is almost limitless. Utilizing solar energy, saltwater is converted into hydrogen that may be stored for extended durations. Onboard fuel cells convert H2 into power that is temporarily stored in Li-ion batteries.

The outward design of the yacht consists of a low, linear hull with a plumb bow and silverymetallic finish, which mixes with the colours and movements of the sea. This base at the water's edge supports the superstructure with glass wings that reflect the clouds and the sky. At certain angles and lighting circumstances, the framework of the vessel's 3D-printed construction becomes apparent through the reflecting glass.

The futuristic interior is centred on a multi-level hydroponic "Tree of Life" garden meant to offer fresh food and purify the air. The tree's base emerges from a reflecting pool on the lower deck and is encircled by a hydroponic and meditation Zen Garden. A sculptural spiral staircase connects all four floors of the tree, which stretches vertically across all four levels.

Intricately incorporated throughout the guest lounges are beautiful plants and luxurious fixtures. The private top floor has a master bedroom looking ahead and a private patio.

The front pool club contains a lap pool designed in the manner of an aquarium and huge horizontal windows that change into open balconies. When the pool cover is closed, it may be utilised as a helipad.

The open beach club at the stern of the boat has a large Jacuzzi and fold-down balconies that convert into an enclosed solarium with sliding glass panels along the ceiling and transom bulkhead.


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