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The Pandora Brilliance Lab Created Diamond Collection Will Shake Up The Diamond Jewellery Market

  • 4th May 2021
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The Pandora Brilliance Lab Created Diamond Collection Will Shake Up The Diamond Jewellery Market

About Pandora

Pandora is a Denmark headquartered jewellery company that is now famous globally. Pandora manufactures and retails exquisite jewellery. Per Enevoldsen is the founder of Pandora which he started in1982 in Copenhagen by in the form of a family-operated jewellery shop.

The Pandora brand is famous for its bespoke charm bracelets, fabulous designer rings, gracious necklaces and amazing watches. Pandora has a huge production set up in Thailand. It sells jewellery and related products across one hundred plus countries around 6 continents and has a whopping 7,000 plus points of sale.

What is the new launch by Pandora all about?

Pandora is introducing its first lab-created diamond collection that is sustainable. One of the bigger objectives of the Danish Jewellery company is to create diamond jewellery that can reach and be consumed by a bigger client base across the globe.
The 6th of May 2021 will mark the exclusive launch of Pandora Brilliance in the United Kingdom from May 6. It will introduce the Denmark based jewellery brand’s first lab-created diamonds collection along with its first Carbon Neutral certified product to the market.

A commitment to sustainable luxury

There is a commitment that Pandora has pledged towards sustainability. In 2020 the luxury jewellery brand vowed to be carbon neutral by 2025 and utilize only 100 percent recycled gold and silver in the same tenure. In 2020 Pandora has also made a very important shift to 100% renewable energy in its crafting facilities that have resulted in a major reduction 25,000 tonnes C02e  of carbon emissions.

Also since around 99% of the stones that Pandora utilizes in the creation of its branded jewellery are man-made, it hugely brings down the adverse effect to the environment.  Additionally the lab-created diamond collection also sets a new precedent for Pandora as a jewellery company as it says good bye to the use of mined diamonds.

Affordable & Brilliant Too

One of the most significant objectives that the Pandora Brilliance collection will achieve is combining brilliance & affordability. By offering diamond jewellery to the global market by creating affordable, sustainable created lab-created premium quality, attractive diamonds at a really alluring costs starting from 250 - 1,290 pounds.

This particular product range of exclusive lab grown diamonds from a reputed jewellery company like Pandora will surely add a lot of excitement to the jewellery market and the global luxury jewellery market as well.


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