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The New Balmain-Maluma Mens Fashion Collection is High on Style & Class

  • 14th Apr 2021
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The New Balmain-Maluma Mens Fashion Collection is High on Style & Class

There are times when you need elements around you to wake you up from a slumber or put you in top gear. Your clothing can actually do that for you and if the fantastic response to the amazing collection from Balmain and Maluma is anything to go by; this one actually does that.
The latest collaboration between Balmain and Maluma is really setting the temperatures soaring with is unique approach and smart execution.

A First by This French Luxury Fashion Brand

What make this limited-edition collection by Balmain special is that this is the first instance where this French Luxury Fashion Brand has collaborated with a celebrity to design clothing for a collection.

The unique luxury fashion collection has a mix of chunky high-top sneakers, relaxed blazers and trousers, bold printed tees and more uniquely created extraordinary ready-to-wear clothing. The amazing collection is already available in Balmian stores and website and would also be available at Saks Fifth Avenue on April 15th 2021.
Although Balmian as a luxury fashion brand has worked with celebrities before it has never created fashion products for sale with them. Balmain has mainly highlighted celebrities like Rihanna in its advertising campaigns.

There are times when it has fashioned and customized amazing designer wardrobes for tours or concerts of celebrities ( For example - Beyonce at Coachella in 2018 or the Bjork’s Cornucopia tour, etc).

The current collaboration

This particular creative collaboration came about in terms of creating on stage outfits for Maluma during his 2020 concert series. However with the Covid pandemic playing truant, the singer and Balmain creative director Olivier Rouesting changed this collection into a limited-edition menswear offering which became an instant hit too.


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