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The Most Expensive Handbags in The World

  • 18th Jul 2020
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The Most Expensive Handbags in The World

The only weight we humans like to carry on our shoulders is of wearable art, aka handbags. Did you really think we would say responsibility? Pfft. Believe it or not, the first few handbags in the world were actually fanny packs. Who knew 16th-century France was so hip?!

Anyway, the only difference between primordial handbags and the ones we use now is that earlier, bags were handcrafted meticulously but sold for a paltry amount. Now, however, they may cost as much as your mortgage. And speaking of ostentatious handbags, here’s a list of those most expensive bags in the world.

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Mouawad found its muse for this handbag shrouded in the romantic-mystery tale involving the beautiful Persian queen Scheherazade and her king, which is a part of the renowned One Thousand and One Nights collection. Who knew this extraordinary Arabian fairy tale would inspire the creation of the world’s most expensive handbag?!

With a whopping number of 4517 diamonds studded over its surface, the purse is additionally covered by 18 karat gold. This heart-shaped delight is not only capable of bringing a gazillion sparks in your eyes but also has the ability to light up a whole town. Boasting a price of a staggering $3.8 million, it has enshrined its name in the Guinness Book of World Records, courtesy of its mind-boggling price.

Mouawad, a legendary luxury brand figured out the secret to happiness that lies buried in the heart of women: a thousand diamonds and a purse, and the brand combined just that to create a killer, irresistible duo. It’s not just a fashion accessory that’d go with your million-dollar Versace gown, it reeks of heritage and the tedious 8800 hours put in by the 10 incredibly gifted artisans who handcrafted it as an epitome of extravagance.

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold

Imagine how much space $2 million would demand so to save yourself that, invest those in a regal chunk of Hermes’ astounding creativity and ethereal handiwork, embellished with way too many diamonds to be legal, the Hermes Kelly Rose Gold Bag.

The gold which completely envelopes the bag is brilliantly moulded to look like stylish crocodile leather with additional grunge detailing along with lock and chain gimmicks. All of these have made the bag spectacularly popular. The size of the bag has been kept extremely small which looks like a bracelet hung on the wrist and will probably fit just some lipsticks and a pack of gum.

While the Kelly Bags had been a bestseller since the 1930s, this particular one only had 12 pieces of each which took 2 years to perfect. But, all went well and people went gaga over the sheen and the sheer exclusivity that this rose gold bag exuded. This Hermes bag wasn’t just a style statement with an ’H’ slapped over but, it distinguished you in a room like a Picasso amidst a river full of artists.

Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka

The Birkin Bag got as famous as Steve Jobs did after his first computer launch. And once it did, there was no stopping the craziness. The astronomically luxurious brand, Hermes, teamed up with Japanese Ginza Tanaka to engineer a Birkin from scratch, created with enough diamonds to bedazzle anyone for eternity. Other than the Hermes name slapped on its face, this Birkin stood apart from other Birkins as it was made completely out of platinum.

Handbags were generally carrier of things but Ginza took it up a notch by incorporating several out-of-the-world elements in this sterling beauty, which stunned the luxury market completely. The diamond-laden string attached to the bag was detachable and could be repurposed as either a necklace or a bracelet. The face of the bag also holds a rare pear-shaped, 8-carat diamond which could also be used as a brooch. Pretty good package for the $1.9 billion, eh?

As you can probably guess by now, this stunning silver purse with a modern silhouette was an absolute hoot in the market and the Upper East Side couldn’t take its eyes off of this endearing piece of art. Hermes once again held the best cards in the market to sweep its customers off their feet and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you create history.

Hermes Chaine’d Ancre Bag

You haven’t witnessed avant-garde luxury if you haven’t wondrously gazed at this incredible piece of art engineered by Pierre Hardy with utmost perfection and nuanced craftsmanship. This never-seen-before handbag dropped jaws and stole hearts aplenty, and as must be obvious, took a couple of years to be developed.

A unique entangled chain and lock arrangement makes up for the engineering of the sling as well as the structure of the bag itself. The ‘H’ of Hermes has been surreptitiously hidden in plain sight between the locked structure which deserves all the praise in the world.

This Hermes bag is an amalgamation of white gold studs and diamonds- it is made up of 1160 pieces of diamonds in total. Weighing a staggering 33.94 carat, the bag gives off very poignant grunge and hip vibes corroborating to the ideals of pop culture running rampant in that era. What crowns the bag with the title of exclusivity isn’t just its sky-touching price of $1.4 million but also the fact that only three of these ever hit the market, all of which were immediately snatched by connoisseurs.

Lana Marks’ Cleopatra Purse

We present to you (if not the most expensive) but definitely the most spotted purse among Hollywood celebrities- the Lana Marks Cleopatra Purse.  Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, you name the celebrity and you’ll find a picture of them posing with this glorious piece of fashion and art highlighting their outfits.

Lana Marks’ inspiration for this piece was the trailblazing performance given by Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra whose impact she adapted into the design of her purse. Lana said the purse represented “powerful women, exquisite jewels and adornment” the backend story due to which it sold so much.

On its surface is embedded not only 776 diamonds, all individually cut but also, the most exotic skins of American alligators which ameliorates its reputation and name all the more. Many have personalized their purses like the Chinese actress and singer, Li Bingbing got her name emblazoned with dainty pink diamonds over the top of it. Moreover, this purse isn’t just one of those insanely expensive collectibles but can actually fit your iPhone in it, and frankly, for $400,000 we shouldn’t expect any less.


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