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The Master of Credit Cards, Luxury Card Gets Multiple New Patents

  • 14th Aug 2020
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The Master of Credit Cards, Luxury Card Gets Multiple New Patents

Luxury Card, the torchbearer in the world of Metal Card Design has grabbed its 52nd, 53rd and 54th Patents, as it presses on aggressively with its policy of strengthening the global patent portfolio it possesses.

Luxury Card which is no doubt one giant of a player in the elite credit card market, has confirmed that it has received 3 more patents for card design, bloating its total patent count to a whopping 54 in numbers.

Luxury Card has been an innovator as well as a leader in the metal card space, commencing with the introduction of the stainless steel and carbon MasterCard Black Card design around 7 years ago.

Keeping in line with Luxury Card's core policy of innovation, the company pursues with up gradation of its initial design, simultaneously nurturing new ideas and development.

As per Marina Kissam, Vice President of Customer Experience at Luxury Card, Patents are literally fruits of the hard work and attention that the company applies on each of its products. Luxury Card as a premium luxury credit card company thrives on design and innovation and that there is a lot of attention given to the details including the size, weight of the card as the comfort of the credit card holder is held supreme.

The company regards intellectual property very highly and it keeps pushing the envelope in terms of design, innovation and improvement that has resulted in it bagging multiple global patents.

Combined with the luxury conceirge services that Luxury Card offers its members, all ofits innovations are definitely a big pull factor for its luxury consumers, globally.


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