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The LIFT4 by Lift Foils is an Ode to Leading-Edge Technology

  • 5th Mar 2023
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The LIFT4 by Lift Foils is an Ode to Leading-Edge Technology

LIFT4 by Lift Foils

The inventor of the first commercial eFoil, Lift Foils of Puerto Rico, has introduced their newest product, the LIFT4. It has extra-durable construction, Silent Ride technology, a maximum ride length of up to 2.5 hours, and an extensive selection of wings and accessories to tailor each ride.

The LIFT4 is the most adaptable, powerful, and durable eFoil yet created. It is the result of five years of widespread use of Lift products and more than 15,000 riders' comments.

As batteries are the core of an eFoil, Lift Foils designed the Gen4 batteries to provide the greatest possible experience on and off the water. They provide a BMS that improves the performance and economy of each ride. The Gen4 battery technology reduces charging time to less than 30 minutes for the Lite Battery and 50 minutes for the Extended Range variant. The Lift Full Range Battery gives a maximum ride duration of 2.5 hours, while the Lift Lite Battery offers a maximum ride time of 1.5 hours. The Gen4 batteries' casing has been entirely rebuilt to offer a durable, lab-tested, and field-proven product.

Moreover, the new LIFT4 eBox has been upgraded to offer a near-silent experience on the water. Lift Foils’ Quiet Ride Technology System contains an upgraded motor controller that is their smoothest and quietest controller to date. This innovative system employs the most advanced technology in the electric mobility sector and dramatically improves the riding experience by halving any current vibrations or noises.

"Being both the creator and the rider provides a closed-loop experience in which you can pinpoint what you're experiencing and why you're feeling it. In addition to surfing, riding an eFoil is about quiet the mind, entering a flow state, and connecting with nature. At Lift, we always aim to enhance our product to make it simpler to enter into that natural condition and appreciate your surroundings. This is exactly what the LIFT4's new features and cutting-edge technology accomplish. I believe that our clients will be ecstatic to witness this innovative craft that our workshop has been so diligently developing to enhance every aspect of the foiling experience."

CEO Nicholas Leason

The LIFT4 has new carbon fibre locks that were designed and built in Puerto Rico. They have a novel ergonomic design and significantly reduce the weight of an eFoil component. In addition, they provide precise tensioning and adjust pressure automatically inside the hatch chamber.

Lift Foils designed the smoothest eFoil-specific wings to date for the LIFT4. Its refined contours and proportions give an even more balanced sensation for the rider. The three sizes of the new Camber Pro Series are small, medium, and large. Two extra rear wings, 36 and 46 Glides, have been added to provide the optimal balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

The LIFT4 is made from carbon fibre and is available in a variety of colours. The LIFT4 also boasts a complete carbon fibre mast, which is available in two sizes (28-inch and 32-inch) for optimal performance and decreased weight. Each propeller is milled from a block of aerospace aluminium, hand-polished, hard-anodized, and balanced to perfection. These propellers are ultra-rigid for maximum bite and torque and are designed to withstand any punishment they may receive in the water. Using their in-house built Lift Connect Technology, all components of the propulsion unit are simply interchangeable according to the rider's desire (LCS).

The LIFT4 has everything required to enjoy the enchanting sensation of eFoiling. Moreover, there is a standard 2-year warranty on all components.


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