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The Interesting Brand Story of Iittala

  • 21st Feb 2021
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The Interesting Brand Story of Iittala

Iittala is Finnish brand that provides aesthetic dinnerware sets. Its roots date the designs back to 1881. Iittala offers functionality with a little oomph that would add an extra point on your dining table when you have someone special over. The progressive philosophy of the famous designer Alvar Aalto is an inspiration to the brand.



So to say they have dedicated an entire collection that reminds the world of him. They create beautiful timeless objects to decorate your home and I guarantee you they will never be thrown away by you. In its younger years the company produced glasses that were blown, pressed, polished, painted and etched according to the standard requirements. But later on as the industry of dinnerware grew creative, Iittala thought best to keep up with time. They were one of the first companies to make decorative dinner sets that provided full hands on functionality and weren’t just used as a piece of accessory. The objects are inspired by their Scandinavian roots.



When the whole idea of a company runs around durability and aesthetic, it’s hard for them to not succeed. Their products brought enjoyment and liveliness in one’s home and the entire house can also be customized according to a particular collection of theirs. Luxury in all sense is an investment and one that should last longer than a picture would. World is becoming more sustainable and self- conscious of their spending on useless things. Iittala most certainly is sustainable ad good on the pocket in long term considering the long lasting material and unique designs that always have one step in the future.



Iittala pays a heavy amount to attain the quality standard it does since 80 years. Although glasses and dinnerware sounds simple and easy to purchase from the market, it is very difficult to actually make intrinsic designs that iittala do.



Iittala is famous for its lack of geometry in glasses. Alvar Aalto, the then designer believed in democratic availability and wanted to free glass from its usual shape and create a simple organic structure.

The contemporary and classic designs are created by some legendary designers around the globe who collaborate with iittala and try and maintain the core heritage the company has sustained for almost a century.


Krisha Patel is a student completing her commerce graduation currently. Coming from a business background has helped her master numbers but her true passion is luxury. She loves luxury brands to a point where she could recite about them in her sleep and her dream job is to sell yachts for ... read more


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