“Who called it aesthetics and not Bottega Veneta ?”


Little bite of the introduction

Bottega Veneta is an established luxury lifestyle brand made famous through its hand-crafted handbags and its distinctive leather weave design. The lifestyle of Bottega Veneta is a true expression of individual luxury and the brand is committed to offering clients exceptional products, impeccable service and a memorable shopping experience.



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Modern Age Bottega Veneta

Under the sly bearing of German originator Tomas Maier, the house's mark intrecciato woven sacks were a sullen element of the extravagance business, and its garments another downplayed alternative for the mixed drink set. It needed oomph. It needed attractive quality. Most importantly it needed youth. After just about two decades at the brand, Maier made a distinctively peaceful takeoff in June 2018. His substitution originated from left field; not an inner recruit (like Gucci's Alessandro Michele in 2015), however a bet on the 33-year-old British fashioner Daniel Lee, whose time spent under Phoebe Philo, British Fashion Designer who was a Creative Director at Céline. As the Fashion Awards 2019 appeared, that bet paid off and the accessories at Bottega became the brand’s heart.

Source : https://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2019/12/03/bottega-veneta-big-winner-at-fashion-awards-in-london.html

Now you might think whether Céline is Bottega Veneta? Well let’s find it out…

While the two of them place style away from an illusory dream and immovably in reality, Lee and Philo don't convey similar characters. Philo's dreams were multi-generational (who could overlook Joan Didion for spring/summer '15/'16); Lee's catch an unforced decent variety that plays with Italian prime examples, yet builds up a general athletic and arousing vision of ladies and men. Moreover, Lee's adherence to and emphasis on the brand mainstays of Bottega Veneta are as opposed to Philo's methodology, which didn't generally concentrate on Céline as a middle class French brand. It is those codes that are demonstrating a hit with his new age client, quick to show prompt recognisability without the requirement for logos. The influencer set have run to the brand, as well, which means you'll likely need to join a sitting tight rundown for Lee's calfskin pocket pack and square-toed mules.

What does the New Bottega has to say to the vogue?

Another characterizing element of Lee's Bottega Veneta can be found in the on the go wear, with various way to deal with dressing than Philo's benevolent call to the cutting edge working lady. Where her white shirt was the crispest level poplin, his strength be fluid glossy silk. Where her cowhide skirt was every one of the A-line exactness, his encloses by bubbly stitched squares and circles with a chain. Lee's Bottega is suggestive, blustering even. Without a doubt, there are modern cuts and material research, juxtaposition of normal and specialized strands, and different principles of cutting edge design that Philo originally acquired from Helmut Lang and Martin Margiela. Be that as it may, there's sex advance as well. There are keyholes and transparencies, short hemlines and square shaped cuts that uncover collarbones and sliced waistlines, midsections and biceps.


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Lee's see-saw between intellectualized and sexualized architecture is a standard problem for French extravagance and usefulness about 10 years since Philo first betrayed maximalism. Today, both the rights of women and more extensive legislative issues related to sexual orientation have seen the zeitgeist spread in incalculable ways, with the opportunity to pick more clearly in recent memory than any other time.

Lee's picture of working at Bottega Veneta doesn't take either a street wear or a high fashion role, at this moment the two feel forced as hard as possible elsewhere in the company. Rather, his hand deals gently with history, creating sex with a striking degree. What's worse, they are paying back.

Brand Statement

• High-quality raw materials, exceptional craftsmanship, know-how and technical masters

• Iconic, understated and stylish yet simple real designs

• Glamorous consumers looking for high-end quality products but looking for a more anonymous and discreet brand recognition luxury consumption

• Core clients embody timeless elegance and modernity

Brand Strategy 

The Brand Quotes itself “WHEN YOUR INITIALS ARE ENOUGH “Let’s have a look at what Bottega is trying to decipher with its brand motto

• The brand expresses a philosophy of individuality and confidence that now applies to a range of products including women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, jewelry, furniture, and more.

• Discrete luxury for a self-assured consumers who do not feel the need to wear someone else’s name

• The brand also believes in their branding without any aid from external powerful communities.

• The brand always thrives to stay loyal to its offerings and quality without any kind of adulteration

Brand Positioning

Bottega Veneta has positioned its brand as a premium luxury bag brand, targeting the booming marketing, individualistic and sophisticated consumers who seek iconic elegance and a luxurious lifestyle experience. 

Fun Facts about Bottega Veneta    

• Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro’s (the founders of Bottega Veneta) classic quality of craftsmanship made them the suppliers for various high class fashion houses one of them being Giorgio Armani.

• The brand does not believe in celebrity endorsement.

• The brand at no time uses bold logos and secondary lines signature.

• Intrecciato is a unique artisan technique which many fashion houses till date try to imitate but the success fails when it comes to the quality and the price.

• This unique and precise craftsmanship of Bottega Veneta remains unrivalled even today despite of amplified fashion houses.

Hope this article was insightful in knowing the interiors of such a masterful designed brand and its iconic craftsmanship.



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