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The Future Of Luxury Fintech With Arrion & Black

  • 28th Nov 2020
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The Future Of Luxury Fintech With Arrion & Black

The massive digital transformation that has occurred in the luxury market has enforced the idea of cryptocurrency and new tools in the finance sector that not only enhance investment experiences but also help with accessing the most profitable niche.

Arrion & Black is one such discreet and exclusive platform that allows clients to access an asset portfolio that provides smart investment and cryptocurrency offerings, helping them to conveniently explore relevant and updated projects in the finance sector.

It is not only a progressive space for fintech enthusiasts but also helps clients easily navigate through connectivity and digital innovation to find new tools through this developmental phase of finance in a renewed light.

The offerings of such remarkable service is only possible due to a network of skillful brokers whose exceptional knowledge, partnerships and meaningful relationships built over the years comes together to form the most compliant team whose primary responsibility is to serve their clients with the best experience.

It is very important to have the right team in place who are backed by years of experience and hold a genuine understanding of an asset class and its role in the economy, which Arrion & Black have beautifully catalyzed with its network of professionals.

With a clear intent to create the best service-based platform in the finance sector and enhance digital transformation across the future of luxury, Arrion & Black are focused on keeping their business exclusive and discreet for privacy reasons.

Access to the portfolio is given on a strictly invite-only basis and is only curated for those who have a membership to the company’s services.


For clients that are part of the elite membership to the portfolio, they are given full access to the most relevant and updated opportunities by the company.

Although the holistic portfolios are designed to be clear and precise, if members were to have any questions pertaining to the assets, they can immediately get in touch with a concierge. Keeping the matter of time-sensitive investments in mind, the brand aims to provide immediate and quick assistance in order to be able to successfully process a smooth client experience.

Once members have made an impending decision regarding a particular investment, the team then gets in touch with both the parties to come to an arrangement.


An initial brief consultation is conducted to understand your listing and specific needs based on which you will be required to submit pictures and further details regarding your asset.

Once the required details are submitted, the equipe will reach out to our skillful network of HNW team to efficiently advertise your investment.

Since we have a core focus on dealing with cryptocurrencies, it automatically gives sellers a large variety of options for payments and thereby a wider range of buyers for sellers. Considering the concept of cryptocurrency is only expanding with time, it is an important digital element and service that the brand cannot ignore.

Apart from mastering the world of investments, Arrion & Black has also ventured into what is known as a smart-contract technology. With this computerized technology, important documents are protected in a safe and encrypted environment and can only be accessed when the buying/selling conditions are met.

This helps maintain the documents securely and does not permit access to either parties before the given conditions are met.

A smart-contract is essentially a computer program on an immutable blockchain that acts as a legal digital binder.

Such a dynamic and progressive technology is sure to add to developments in digital business and completely change the way in which business is done, forming new regulatory standards.

Image courtesy: Propgo Luxury

For instance, making purchases in the world of art requires a certain level of documentation like invoices, legal papers, certificates etc. With Arrion & Black’s smart-contract, a centralized platform protects the privacy and legitimacy of these documents under one platform. Being autonomous in nature, this innovation makes it extremely convenient to set deals and navigate through contracts, especially for dealing with remote clients.

The smart-contract is just one of the many high-tech innovations that the company has in mind for its network of brokers to enhance their experience in deal-making by providing for a safe and exclusive environment to conduct business using crypto or luxury assets.

This multi-functional platform is not just creating a huge scope of innovation in the digital world but is also associated with interior designers, superyacht members, art dealers and yacht crew members to help and guide brokers in maintaining the most relevant portfolio that can be appealing to potential and existing clients.

If you would like to know more about luxury investment opportunities, assets or portfolio memberships, you can log on to the given link

For brokers who might be looking for a relevant opportunity to work with the team you can contact them at


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