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The Ferrari Roma is a Symbol of Eternal Elegance

  • 20th May 2022
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The Ferrari Roma is a Symbol of Eternal Elegance

The Ferrari Roma is the ultimate blend of remarkable good looks, incredible power, cutting-edge engineering, and unparalleled luxury.

In the Ferrari Roma, the new mid-front engined 2+ coupé, is distinguished by its magnificent proportions, timeless design, and unparalleled performance and agility. With its unique form and appearance, the vehicle is a contemporary representation of the carefree, pleasant lifestyle of 1950s Rome.

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The Ferrari Roma, the new mid-front engined 2+ coupé from the Prancing Horse, is characterised by its exquisite proportions, timeless style, and unmatched performance and agility. With its particular flair and design, the automobile is a modern symbol of the carefree, enjoyable lifestyle that characterised 1950s Rome.

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The Ferrari Roma represents the peak of performance in its class, owing to its turbocharged V8 from the family of engines that has won the International Engine of the Year award for the last four consecutive years. In this form, the engine produces 620 horsepower at 7500 rpm and is paired with the SF90 Stradale's new 8-speed DCT transmission.The chassis of the Ferrari Roma benefits from the technology created by Ferrari for its new generation of vehicles; both the bodyshell and chassis have been modified to utilise the most recent weight reduction and manufacturing innovations. In actuality, 70% of its components are brand-new. The mid-front engined 2+ Ferrari Roma boasts the finest weight-to-power ratio in its class (2.37 kg/cv), which improves handling characteristics and responsiveness.

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The design of the Ferrari Roma was inspired by the athletic elegance of the most iconic grand touring Ferraris of the 1960s, front-engined vehicles with basic but graceful lines and a 2+ fastback coupé configuration. The Ferrari Roma exhibits an exceptionally contemporary design language and shares many of these qualities; its clean, polished style and faultless proportions skillfully mask Ferrari's distinctive power and sportiness.The car's front seems to be fashioned from a single piece of metal, providing the appearance of an overhanging shark snout. In accordance with Ferrari's typical design elements, the broad front bonnet and flowing wings meld together flawlessly.

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The designers aimed to retain the basic beauty of the vehicle's shapes by eliminating all vents and unnecessary embellishments; for example, engine cooling is ensured by surfaces perforated only where absolutely essential, providing a fresh interpretation of the grille idea. In homage to the legendary Ferrari Monza SPs, the two linear full-LED headlights, which give the front of the vehicle its unmistakable appearance, are separated by a horizontal light strip that creates a feeling of tension.

The exterior of the Ferrari Roma was designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre with a focus on clean design and total harmony between its numerous aspects, which feature harmonic proportions and pure, graceful forms.

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The narrow, wraparound rear window contains an active aero element to preserve the vehicle's form purity, the design theme of the complete Ferrari Roma. The rear of the vehicle is distinguished by the tail's contemporary design; technical advancements made it possible to minimise the size of the taillight assembly, resulting in a minimalist and recognisable appearance. The twin taillights of the Ferrari Roma resemble diamonds placed into the volume. Linear light strips interact with the welder, providing a type of virtual line that is continuous. The back of the vehicle is rounded off with a tiny aerodynamic diffuser that combines the exhausts and the fencing.


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