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The Father's Day Luxury Gift Guide by Luxury Abode Offers Amazing Options & Ideas

  • 20th Jun 2021
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The Father's Day Luxury Gift Guide by Luxury Abode Offers Amazing Options & Ideas

But make it luxury.

Fathers. The silent heroes. The fierce protectors, the eternal caregivers. The indulgers, the spoilers, the pamperers. The ceaseless supporters, the absolute ultimate emotional rocks.

So, so strong yet so, so loving.

Father’s Day is no ordinary day. It is an honour, more than a formality, to celebrate all of our wonderful fathers and father-figures on this day.

Yes, they deserve to be loved and cherished every day, but having a specific day dedicated to them makes the sentiment all the more special and concentrated.

And it’s an excellent opportunity for us to spoil them, for a change.

Dads deserve all the world, and sometimes, a nice fancy present manages to convey what words cannot.

Here’s a few tasteful and thoughtful luxury gift ideas for making this Father’s Day shiny and unforgettable.

The Luxury Abode father's day luxe gift guide will ensure that every father's day you can find some of the most exclusive and exquisite luxury gifts for your dad.

1. For the fragrance-fanatic Dad



Smelling nice translates to feeling nice, and if you always associate your dad with the whiff of his cologne, you know getting him a perfume will never get old.  

The Versace Eros and the Versace Eros Flames are two incredible options. The former has a fresh smell, with hints of mint, Italian lemon zest and green apple, providing a luminous, masculine fragrance. The Eros flame has more of a sweeter and seductive note, with hints of lemon, Madagascar orange, rosemary and Chinotto. 

Or, if your Dad is devoted to his one favourite perfume brand, adding to his collection would be the best bet!  

Whether you are sourcing father’s day luxury gifts from daughter or you are planning to give father’s day luxury gifts from son, you will find myriad options on LuxuryAbode.

2. For the techno Dad



There is nothing more a tech junkie would love more than the latest gadget to play around with.

The new Apple AirPods max would be a terrific fit for the dads who are music aficionados or musicians.

Depending on the likes, dislikes, personality traits of one's father, one can handpick some really unconventional luxury gifts on father's day.

3. For the Fancy-Schmancy man



Elements of fancy add character, and for the dads who love some glam, the Bottega Venetta bi-fold wallet is a beautiful fit. Classy, sophisticated and glamorous.

It is definitely not necessary that you need to buy expensive gifts for dad on father's day but yes a good strong budget will definitely help choose some amazing luxury gift items on father's day.


4. For the *chill* Dad




If your dad likes Hawaii vacations and relaxing by the pool, you know he’s a laid-back guy.

Buy him these awesome Gucci Tian slides, or Versace’s super cool baroque pattern silk shirt and shorts set that are sure to get him awestruck!

Some of the hottest father's day luxury gifts could include things and experiences that your dad is passionate about. Ideally it could be a personalized luxury gift on father's day for your dad that really touches his emotions.

5. For the dutiful pen collector



Pen collection is a serious business, and a very serious love affair. If your dad is a member of this club, getting him a handsome pen will most definitely earn you truckloads of blessings.

Make him feel special by gifting him one of the classic Montblanc pens.

If you are looking for luxury unique gifts for dad that spells class then you need to plan your purchase with full attention to details.

6. For the Dad who lives and breathes chocolate



Well, well. One can never go wrong with chocolates, can they? For the fathers with a big ol’ sweet tooth, what can be better than a box of the most decadent and fanciest chocolates?

Godiva’s specially curated boxes of scrumptious chocolates and chocolate truffles with a variety of flavours is sure to make your dad grin from ear to ear in pure delight.

(P.S. Get yourself another box, we’re not sure dads will share!)

7. For the businessman (tie, cufflinks)



When it comes to gifts, fancy can also mean useful. For the businessmen fathers with classy tie collections, adding an Hermès to the range can be a great idea. Cufflinks are also a thoughtful and useful option. Cartier offers a beautiful array of cufflinks that suit any and every occasion.

8. For the watch-lover Dad



The love for watches is real, and it is incredible to have watches that match your wardrobe. If your dad already has a brilliant collection, or is building a brilliant collection, help him along by gifting him a beautiful Audemars Piguet watch.

9. For the Dad who has an enviable shoe collection



Perhaps greater even than the love for watches is the love for shoes.

Shoe collections are, hands down, one of the most satisfying things on Earth, and if your dad has an impressive one, add to it by gifting him a terrific pair of his favourite kind of shoes. It could be sneakers or boots or formal shoes or even some cool-looking moccasins/loafers.

These glamorous loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo are sure to win a shoe lover’s heart.

10. For the Dad who loves to groom



If your dad loves skincare and wellness, a grooming kit can be a very thoughtful gift. This lush kit by Bvlgari can be a most useful and handsome tool for your dad to own.

If you carefully dig into the father's day luxury gift guide by you will come across some fantastic options. You could actually customize something unique from the various father's day luxury gift ideas and surprise your dad.


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