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The Best Luxury Escapes in the World

  • 24th May 2020
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The Best Luxury Escapes in the World

Vacation is an experience that is compiled of different expressions and factors. Any luxury vacation is just like grandeur poetry, understood only by the beholder. It is a feeling of a potent brewed drink slipping down your throat and a burst of authentic flavors savoring your taste buds. Additionally your mind just smoothly slips into a Guinness mode.

Stepping out of your mundane routine, exploring a new culture, and creating a lot of fond memories are the best experience of all.

Speaking of luxury as they say, if money is no object the whole world is a destination. There are many places in this world that one would love to experience. Some of them are coveted, some underrated while the others are just crowded on the touristy map. However, if you would want to add that extra in your luxurious extravaganza, below is a rundown of the luxury escapes in the world!

1. Fiji


Isn't visiting one island at a time a mainstream deed? Well, Fiji is going to break that way of order. Most often Fiji is confused with being a single island whereas it has a total of 330 Islands. The shiny sand, the perfectly shaped palm trees, the lush interiors, and exquisite beaches, isn't that quite an inquisitive imagery of its own? Additionally, you would love to have a luxurious and adventurous experience of unraveling the undersea marvels.

2. Bora Bora

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This French Polynesia Island might seem to be a tiny little island to anyone. On the contrary staying on this island and even spending a night can cost you a hole in your pocket. The island is beautiful and has everything you would need on your luxury escape. The exotic beaches and vibrant night serves as icing on the cake. One can definitely choose a different French Polynesia island, which is much cheaper than Bora Bora. However, there is definitely a reason why business elite and celebrities choose Bora Bora over the lesser rated islands.

3. Paris


The city of romance! Paris has been innumerably mentioned for its opulence. Little do they know that with the passing time, Paris has become the hub of artists, multimedia galaxies, and the luxury boutique. Standing to its French reputation with the food the grand restaurants serve. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Cathedrale Notre Dame De Paris are not to be missed. Additionally the hotels of Paris will offer you the exquisite stay with the Parisian dining you were awaiting!

4. Tokyo


Tokyo is grasping a lot of eyeballs towards itself from the past few years. The city offers you a scenic grandeur of landscape that takes your outdoor travel experience a top-notch higher. The urban areas offer you to experience a fantastic ride while you enjoy high-end retail therapy. Japanese cuisine is yet another feather attached to its cap.

5. New York City


Skyscrapers, lights, fantastic buzz, music, and popularly known as the epicenter of art and architecture is what makes New York the trendsetter. From fashion to Broadway shows to a blast of world-class musicians performance New York offers you the luxury experience you would rightly name as grandeur. If you wish to divulge into a luxury escape to New York, there is no point in missing the cuisine. To believe the exquisite reviews, there is never a better time to eat in New York. There's a reason for a number of Michelin Star restaurants this city has got!

6. Amsterdam


Amsterdam offers you a fusion of color block, the young crowd with the "party hard" attitude, and the luxury cultural vibe. Wondering how two different scenarios define one city? Well, that's Amsterdam for you. It has its two halves where you get to dive into. The interlocking canals and the historical touch in its architecture make you compare it with Venice. Amsterdam will offer you a vacation that's suits your taste let alone luxury escape but also with its culinary scene.

7. Seychelles


Yet another island makes it up on our luxury vacation list. Well, what is better than spending your vacation on an island. One thing which is completely different from previous travels you have made, skip from the workload, and a complete switch from your routine life. Located on the Indian Ocean, there is an island of Fregate. Well, Fregate takes Seychelles and luxury to a whole new level of expensive. It's actually not just the money but the lavish experience you will gain. The island boasts of 17 villas with Jacuzzis, rich wooden mahogany construction, infinity pools, and posh ocean views.

8. Dubai


Speak of luxury escape and missing Dubai? Is that even a list? Dubai will welcome you with open personal chauffeurs, who will take you on a BMW ride to one of the luxurious hotels in Dubai. Of course all those are your custom add-on privileges. A city that will offer you malls full of richness, comfort, and convenience.

9. Oslo


Oslo is the perfect pick for gourmet cuisine, elegant and effortless style, something that will keep you away from the raw and edgy ambiance. Oslo is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. It has a nice blend of modernity and history that adds the perfect charm of fusion to its characters and architecture. The city will offer you completely different in terms of luxury travel. From hiring a bicycle tour to taxis and private chauffeurs, you can have the greatest time of your life in Oslo.

10. London


A multicultural metropolis in the truest sense, London the capital of the United Kingdom is one of the choicest options for luxury travel. The iconic red telephone booth, wandering through St. James Park, Westminster Abbey, and a ride to River Thames is the most cliché touristy things to do in London. Speaking about luxury, there is a sense of charm that London offers you beginning from the name itself. You get a British colonized ambiance with an incredible shopping experience to the endless sightseeing.


Well, the list states it quite obvious that luxury escape is both comforting and soothing. Exploring a new city with all the fascinating amenities and comfort is all that is deserved. So, here was a list that you can opt to choose from according to your taste and desire. Remember, a travel escapade is the best guilty pleasure one can divulge in!


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