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The Baby Special Edition of the Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir is Adorable

  • 4th Aug 2022
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The Baby Special Edition of the Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir is Adorable

The Montblanc Heritage 'Rouge et Noir' Baby Special Edition is a nod to the iconic Baby Pens from the 1910s and 1920s, which were among the tiniest pens of their period.

With the release of the "Rouge et Noir," a new golden age of fountain pen innovation began. This ground-breaking pen made it possible to take your writing with you everywhere you went because of its portability and leak-proof design. The Baby model, the smallest available, was a top seller since it fit well in a purse or a jacket pocket. Some of the tiniest pens ever made are part of the new Montblanc Heritage 'Rouge et Noir' Baby Special Edition. These pens take their design cues from classic Montblanc styles of yesteryear but update them with modern cartridge technology.

The Montblanc Heritage 'Rouge et Noir' Baby Special Edition is svelte and sophisticated despite its little length of barely 10 cm. The red cap caps of vintage Montblanc Rouge et Noir pens served as inspiration for the new limited edition, which has an ivory-colored Montblanc symbol encircled by red-colored precious resin. Black lacquer with platinum-coated hardware and ivory lacquer with signature gold-coated hardware are both part of the collection.

Without a clip, the new Heritage 'Rouge et Noir' Baby Special Edition makes quite an impact. Each pen in the series is outfitted with a solid gold historical nib made of Au 585 and engraved with the iconic number "4810," the elevation of the Mont Blanc peak, and an illustration of the mountain from an early Montblanc logo. The set is finished off with a ballpoint and rollerball pen.

In addition to the original "Baby" fountain pens, Montblanc also offered matching leather cases, "Baby" travel ink bottles, and miniature notepads. As a nod to this custom, the new pen can be paired with a Calfskin leather notebook featuring digital embossing of a historical mountain motif or a Calfskin leather Meisterstück Selection pen pouch in either black or coral.

Starting in August 2022, you may shop the new collection at any brick-and-mortar or online Montblanc store.


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