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The 75th Auction of AstaGuru Features a Magnificent Collection of Antiques & Vintage Collectibles

  • 21st Jul 2022
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The 75th Auction of AstaGuru Features a Magnificent Collection of Antiques & Vintage Collectibles

AstaGuru Auction House will commemorate its 75th auction in August 2022 with an amazing auction of vintage and antique "Opulent Collectibles" on July 30-31, 2022. Throughout the path of attaining this milestone, AstaGuru has continually shown some of the best works of art and workmanship in a variety of categories.

The third edition of the 'Opulent Collectibles' category since its start in January 2021 exemplifies AstaGuru's ongoing progress in giving collectors with unique and varied goods.

Since 2008, AstaGuru has sponsored auctions in areas such as Modern Indian Art, Contemporary Art, Vintage Jewellery and Timepieces, Collectibles, and Vintage Automobiles. Textiles, Numismatic, Interiors, Furniture, and World Memorabilia.

Since its establishment, AstaGuru has achieved several milestones, including the sale of multiple artworks at record-breaking prices, resulting in the setting of world records for artists.

The next auction will include more than 250 items of fine antique and vintage ornamental objects, mostly from the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection consists of Chinese and Japanese pottery, Anglo-Indian furniture, beautiful crystal pieces, Persian rugs, old clocks, silver artefacts, and further treasures.

"It brings us great joy to have completed 75 auctions. It is significant to us as we reflect on our journey, which has been a rich investigation of many aesthetics. We are delighted to provide this magnificent assortment of antique and vintage items, some of which are over a century old, on this important occasion. Our customers have shown a high interest in the antiques category, and despite the difficulty of the curation, we are devoted and excited to provide collectibles that are uncommon and of a great age. We aim to accommodate our collectors' different interests by providing only the finest items."

Radhika Kerkar, Specialist in Auctions at AstaGuru Auction House.

The collection is highlighted by an exceptionally rare Chaise Lounge by F & C Osler (Lot no. 169). Due to its reputation as the greatest crystal-making company in the world, F& C Osler was often patronised by royal families across the globe. The about 1880 chaise longue exemplifies their exceptional craftsmanship with its four original emerald green crystal Osler legs (signed) on casters, Osler armrest, and Osler backrest.

The base piping/crystal frame's lining has been changed. Estimate: INR 50,00,000 – 60,00,000.

A unique and significant ruby-red Persian floor chandelier with eight arching arms that hold storm shades that are engraved with a crest is yet another stunning example of a crystal ornamental object (Lot no. 37).

The chandelier, which was created in 1850, was subsequently electrified.

Estimate: INR 15,00,000 – 18,00,000.

The next auction also has an extensive collection of Japanese and Chinese ceramics, which were instrumental in conveying the art and culture of the far east to the West in the past. Circa 1880, one of them is an extraordinary Japanese Imari jar with a lid (Lot no. 83).

The spherical body is adorned with a vibrant combination of brick red and underglaze blue. The jar's panels portray courtly-attired women sitting in a garden scene. It is uncommon to find an Imari jar of such size, age, and dimensions. Estimate: INR 15,00,000 – 20,00,000.

Covering the catalogue is a very ornate Satsuma Plate from the Late Meiji era that is enamelled and gilded (Lot no. 3).

The centre of the plate portrays a woodland scene with a queen and her court. (Plate size: 2.5 x 14.8 x 14.8 in) Estimate: INR 3,50,000 – 4,00,000.

The auction focuses on the heritage of Anglo-Indian furniture, which exemplifies the rich creative union of Indian workmanship and European aesthetics. It has an exquisite Edwardian teakwood wardrobe with four doors (Lot no. 212).

The two doors in the centre have oval mirrors, while the doors on each side are intricately carved with rosewood panels set with oval Wedgwood plaques. This kind of furniture was often produced in Bombay by the renowned, award-winning E. Wimbridge & Company. Estimate: INR 9,00,000 - 10,00,000.

A magnificent three-piece Anglo-Indian rosewood wardrobe with two intricately carved doors will also be available (Lot no. 195). The exquisite 1870 wardrobe is adorned with an ornate arabesque pattern and flanked by two flowery ornamental columns. Its ageless elegance is crowned by a beautifully carved openwork pediment with four dome-shaped finials. Approximately INR 500,000 to INR 600,000.

An outstanding four-poster king-size colonial teak wood bed with a headboard intricately perforated with floral, arabesque, and acanthus leaf motifs will also be offered at the auction (Lot no. 107). The bed is supported by four twisted pillars with a flower motif and reed canopies. Estimate: INR 3,00,000 – 4,00,000.

The auction will also include an assortment of exquisitely beautiful Persian carpets. Several of them are from Kerman, which is situated in the southeastern portion of Iran. The workmanship of the region's weavers has been celebrated for generations and garnered admiration from every part of the world. One of these Kerman carpets is skillfully woven on a crimson field with a cartouche border (Lot no. 155). The pattern of the roughly 1930 carpet is dominated by floral motifs including palmetto, vine, leaves, and flower buds. Estimate: 31, 00,000 – 35, 00,000.

A further exquisite carpet from the area was woven in 1920 and contains a border with a sophisticated, reflecting design pattern (Lot no. 119). Estimate: INR 23,00,000 – 25,00,000. A big carpet with a continuous floral design that mirrors itself and a gorgeous cartouche border is also seen (Lot no. 190). This carpet exemplifies the creative canons of the Kerman area of Persia. It was woven in brilliant colours on a cream basis about 1940. Estimate: 29,00,000 – 32,00,000.

The auction also includes classic examples of both ornamental and functional silver goods. A pair of exquisite silver candelabras will be made available. The 1874 London candelabras were subsequently electrified and adorned with putti on bases of black marble. Additionally, it was subsequently sold by Water House, Dublin, Ireland. Estimate: INR 21,00,000 – 24,00,000

A silver flatware set by Sheffield's Gladwin Ltd. The 261-piece reed and ribbon-designed cutlery set is housed in a fitted wooden canteen with three drawers and cabriole feet. Estimate: INR 15,20,000 – 16,00,000.

The auction will also include a broad variety of Czechoslovak cut glass objects, post-war Lalique glass pieces, and lapis lazuli console tables, among other valuable treasures.

The AstaGuru Details

AstaGuru was conceived in 2008 with the express goal of developing a safe and secure online auction platform for Indian, Contemporary, and Modern art. The title AstaGuru is a deliberate combination of the Italian word 'Asta', which means auction, and the Sanskrit word 'Guru,' which means'master,' and signifies our mastery in auctioneering art and artefacts in India and across the world. AstaGuru has endeavoured to effectively bridge the gap between potential buyers and consignors by surpassing the restrictions of live auctions as the globe converges into a unified digital universe. AstaGuru makes the process of purchasing and selling art and rare items transparent with ease. Our collection comprises varied categories such as Jewellery & Fine Silver, Timepieces, Textiles, Celebrity Memorabilia, Rare Books, Numismatic, Philately, and Classic Cars. The mobile app for AstaGuru allows our valued bidders to follow and participate in our auctions in real time and without difficulty.


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