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The 2023 Phantom Series from Rolls-Royce is Breathtakingly Extraordinary

  • 14th May 2022
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The 2023 Phantom Series from Rolls-Royce is Breathtakingly Extraordinary

The latest design unveiled by British Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for the Phantom Series II is, to say the least, quite exciting. Adaptations to the eighth-generation Phantom include "light touch" visual and aesthetic modifications in response to customer wishes and input.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveils a new Phantom Series II model.'Light-touch' visual and aesthetic modifications have been made to the eighth-generation Phantom in response to customer requests and comments.

New 'Rolls-Royce Connected' function connects Phantom to the brand's exclusive members' Application, Whispers.

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Phantom Platino, a new Bespoke masterpiece, commemorates the launch.

"Phantom has an unrivalled position at the pinnacle of the luxury industry. As our flagship product, it exemplifies the peak of Rolls-Royce design, engineering, and workmanship — a perfect synthesis of foresight, originality, the finest materials, patience, and accuracy. With Phantom Series II, we have preserved and guarded all that our clientele adore about this outstanding and opulent item; modest but significant changes reflect their changing preferences and needs.

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"Phantom has long been considered the 'greatest automobile in the world'; with our Bespoke capabilities, it can also be the finest car for our clients' worlds."
Torsten Müller-Otvos, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' Chief Executive Officer 

Rolls-Royce goods have a lengthy lifespan, finally becoming embodiments of ageless elegance, beauty, and opulence. Phantom has a unique, preeminent position in this respect, since its ageless elegance is admired.

In 2017, the eighth generation of Phantom aircraft was introduced. Rolls-Royce designers and engineers were influenced in the creation of the new expression by the wishes of clientele, who begged Rolls-Royce not to make significant alterations to an already famous automobile. In response to these customer requirements, just the most minimal design touches, embellishments, and alterations have been used. In truth, the question is not what should be altered, but rather what should be conserved and safeguarded.

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Phantom's imposing presence is the most evident and vital characteristic to keep. In addition, a new polished horizontal line has been added between the daytime running lights and the Pantheon Grille. This imparts Phantom with a fresh, aggressive modernism that reflects its driver-centric nature.

The 'RR' Badge of Honor and Spirit of Ecstasy mascot are more visible when seen from the front due to a modest geometric modification to the Pantheon Grille. The grille is now lit, a characteristic that was introduced and popularised by Ghost. The headlights are adorned with delicate laser-cut bezel starlights, establishing a visual link with the Starlight Headliner inside and enhancing Phantom's nighttime presence.

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Phantom's side profile preserves Rolls-trademark Royce's short front and long rear overhangs, long wheelbase, and wide c-pillar, the latter of which affords passengers additional privacy. Elegant main lines extending from the Spirit of Ecstasy to the tapering rear tail are preserved in the silhouette. The'split-belt' line starts at the front fender and softly bends towards the back door, highlighting the car's lengthy dash-to-axle proportions, before descending gently into the lantern-like rear lights. The deeply undercut 'waft line' produces a dramatic shadow, symbolising the brand's unparalleled 'Magic Carpet Ride'

A set of new wheels further enhances the vehicle's side aspect. A completely or partially polished 3D machined stainless steel wheel with triangular facets is available for special order. Alternately, Phantom may be adorned with a genuinely exquisite disc wheel reminiscent of Rolls-Royce automobiles from the 1920s. This disc wheel is manufactured from both polished stainless steel and black lacquer, capturing the essence of flying on the ground.

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In response to Phantom customers who previously requested a darker chrome grille surround, black bonnet reins, windshield surround, and side frame finishers, these may now be ordered. This approach now allows Rolls-Royce to turn Phantom into the lightest or darkest looks possible.

The steering wheel has been made somewhat thicker in order to provide the owner-driver with a more direct and connected point of touch.

Phantom and Phantom Extended have separate personalities that symbolise two distinct power centres. Phantom is favoured by an ever-increasing number of customers who want to operate the vehicle alone.

Phantom Extended provides the ultimate ultra-luxurious chauffeur-driven experience for individuals who want to command the road from the backseat.

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Now, Phantom has the introduction of "Rolls-Royce Connected." This allows the owner to transmit an address straight to the vehicle using Whispers, the Rolls-Royce private-members' application, allowing for smooth navigation to an event, restaurant, dealership, or even the Home of Rolls-Royce.

'Rolls-Royce Connected' also shows the motor vehicle's location, security status, and current 'health' condition on Whispers; with the press of a button, the owner may call a selected dealership for any service needs or vehicle information.

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As the brand's flagship vehicle, Phantom draws the most discerning clientele. People who are well-established and successful, at the top of their profession, and often in the public spotlight are determined and demanding. Phantom draws the most ambitious and difficult Bespoke orders ever received by Rolls-Royce, and this is no accident.

The ensuing works of art exemplify a larger truth: from its origin, Phantom has been whatever the customer desires it to be; not just the "greatest automobile in the world," but the "best car for them and their world."

Obviously, there is no such thing as a "typical" Phantom customer. They may be ever-younger or older, contemporary or traditional, self-made or sprung from a long line of wealthy ancestors. Their commissions represent a wide variety of inspirations and interests. At one end of the spectrum, Phantom assumes a subversive, even rebellious personality; he is young, vibrant, and adventurous. At its conclusion, Phantom becomes a homage to luxury and timelessness.

The difficulty of the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective is to integrate this enormous array of customer traits and aspirations in a single flagship product. Thus, the eighth-generation Phantom was purposefully built to provide a "blank canvas" for Bespoke customization, capable of becoming anything the customer desires and a real representation of their distinctive style and personality.

Phantom's greatest strength and allure is that it enables customers to place themselves anywhere between these 'poles of luxury,' so allowing them to define luxury on their own terms. And regardless of where that point may be, they may be certain that Phantom is still technically, physically, artistically, and dynamically the "greatest automobile in the world."


Rolls-Royce has built a new Bespoke masterpiece, the Phantom Platino, to commemorate the debut of Phantom Series II and demonstrate its Bespoke capacity. The Phantom Platino is called after the silver-white sheen of the sought and expensive metal, platinum.

Phantom Platino continues Rolls-investigation Royce's with fabric interiors, which started in 2015 with the introduction of Serenity, a Bespoke Phantom with a hand-painted, hand-embroidered silk inside. 

Phantom Platino presents materials other than leather, an area of development for Rolls-Royce and an indication of a broader acceptance of alternate interior upholsteries.

The Phantom Platino's front seats are covered in beautiful Rolls-Royce leather, evoking the brand's early days, while the back seats are upholstered in fabric.

The stunning tone-on-tone of the Platino's inside is accomplished by blending two distinct fabrics: one developed in an Italian mill for its robust but opulent look, and the other generated from bamboo fibres with a shiny finish.

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Both materials have a unique repeating pattern based on an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy. The motif is scaled down and woven into the silky fabric to give a more visually exciting finish. It also appears in Phantom's Gallery, directly in the line of sight of the passenger, as well as on critical touchpoints like the armrest and centre console. The bamboo cloth is embroidered with bigger symbols, giving it a typical tufted look in interior design. This more robust material is used to the interior's lower parts, which must tolerate the greatest touch.

The same pattern also appears on the dashboard timepiece of the Phantom. The surround is constructed from 3D-printed ceramic, a very modern use of a conventional material. Incorporating a woodset with an iced finish, the interior's tonal qualities elevate Phantom to an exquisite and unparalleled degree of grandeur.

The Starlight Headliner is Phantom's biggest canvas. Uniquely designed for the Rolls-Royce Platino, the'stars' are positioned to lead the eye backwards, with fanciful shooting stars following the pattern's sweeping arc.

Torsten Müller-Otvos, Chief Executive Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, said, "We are fully aware of our customers' regard and affection for their Phantoms. They believed that it could not be improved, but we think that it is always possible and, in fact, important to go even farther in our quest of ultimate excellence.

"The modest modifications we made to the new Phantom Series II were methodically conceived and implemented."
Sir Henry Royce said,
"Tiny things build perfection, but perfection is no small thing."


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