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The 11 Trends That Will Define The Luxury Fashion World in 2022

  • 5th Jan 2022
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The 11 Trends That Will Define The Luxury Fashion World in 2022

With the rise in technology and globalisation, business is becoming increasingly difficult to predict. The luxury industry especially has seen rapid change in recent years. Because of this, many stakeholders in the industry might not be able to see what lies ahead for them in 2022. Not to worry though, because we’ve come up with this list of 10 key trends that will define the agenda for luxury fashion in 2022.

What are the hot new trends that will dominated the world of luxury fashion in 2022 and beyond?

The first trend is sustainable luxury. The use of sustainability should be widespread in 2022 to help other brands protect the environment. We may see this manifested through shops using biodegradable packaging or non-harmful dyes, for example. The second trend is the rise of the empowered customer who uses social media to find information about brands and subsequently support them through their purchase-making decisions. Those customers are knowledgeable, savvy, and want to be part of the conversation which means that brands are competing for their attention with exclusive content, personalized services or investments rather than just products.


It will be a factor of course. When fashion designers predict the direction of energy going forward, they see renewables on a collision course with climate change, mechanisation and more oncoming electric cars to create 'a consumer preference for lightness'.

Electroluxury wearables

This sector is struggling. The clothes, bags, and accessories industry is moving further away from the mainstream and designers are focusing on people such as kids and teens who want them. While these new items might not be as beautiful or of such high quality as those we saw at past fashion shows, designer clothing has become a commodity and price is king.

Concept stores

Luxury brands have been opening showrooms and stores to help them push the luxury agenda's pendulum back from digital media channels. The industry consensus was that bricks and mortar stores were not going out of style.

Collaboration with Brands

Brands offer an opportunity for luxury fashion houses to experiment and showcase creativity and innovation. Luxury Fashion Houses, in turn, enjoy an access to global scale and diverse customer base which can be tapped into by the brands. Through experimentation with multi-brand collaborations, luxury fashion houses now have more options to evolve their aesthetic identity. Consequently this is why we expect multi-brand collaborations to feature as one of the 10 trends that will define the luxury fashion agenda in 2022.

Digital Isolation

Comparing to the internet era, the society has been digitalized by mass production of electronic gadgets. Going forward, people have been isolated from reality and also from their inner nature due to the excessive using of devices. In order to overcome this isolation, people should hire an individual trainer or reset themselves by returning to nature for a short period of time.

Indoor & Outdoor Retail Space Revamp

One trend that is sure to be dominant in the next few years is indoor agriculture. Many people are now using urban space to grow food. Tomato plants can fit anywhere, as can cucumbers, potatoes, leafy greens, and many other types of vegetables. Houses are now being built with docking stations for DIY plantscrapers onto walls, which let you turn countertops into garden landscapes quickly and efficiently. And Brooklyn-based startup AeroFarms has pioneered the use of sophisticated lighting, grow towers that automatically control humidity and temperature to increase crop yields without soil or sunlight - all factors that contribute to increased sustainability for these kinds of projects.

Smart Labs 

One of the predicted trends is a smart lab. Specifically, a lab where fashion students from various international schools will be able to learn from each other and use an immersive virtual reality setup to have a hands-on experience with futuristic technologies. The lab will provide access to human models, clothes, models and body scans so fashion students can work together, interact at all hours of the day, and receive feedback from fashion professionals living around the world.

Future Shopping Experience

This trend is basically an extension of physical retail. All retail outlets will be changed to adopt digital screens which will, in turn, give shoppers easier access to goggle-friendly pages and objects. There will also be less need for dealing with pushy salesmen since people can browse at their leisure through tablets and computers.


Delivering absolte value will still be the foundation of future developments in luxury fashion. We believe that luxury fashion will continue to evolve with technology, design, and sustainability to meet the demanding needs of the next generation.


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