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The 108-Foot Sports Yacht SP110 by Zuccon International Project for Sanlorenzo is Breathtakingly Gorgeous

  • 20th Jun 2022
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The 108-Foot Sports Yacht SP110 by Zuccon International Project for Sanlorenzo is Breathtakingly Gorgeous

The SP110 is the first model in Sanlorenzo's new SP – SMART Performance lineup. The 108-foot yacht was designed by Bernardo and Martina Zuccon of the architecture and industrial design firm Zuccon International Project in collaboration with Tilli Antonelli, the development and product manager at Sanlorenzo responsible for this new line of yachts, and Piero Lissoni, who designed the interior.

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The carbon and fibreglass SP110 has a minimalistic appearance. The air intakes are concealed by a design element that coincides with the curve of the glass. There is a slot in the bow through which the anchor may be lowered and lifted, however the anchor is not totally visible.

The yacht's day space is comprised of two distinct levels that communicate through a split height system. The aft section is exposed to the water. The design form has produced a terrace that extends over the lake and conceals the technical components of the staircase and walkway. Additionally, the cockpit opens to reveal steps leading to the beach and into the ocean.

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SP110 was created with the intention of transforming a high-performance motor boat into a model of energy efficiency and technology.

This was accomplished by using lightweight materials and selecting electrical components with a very high energy class. A unique hull with geometrical characteristics improves the water's drag coefficient. The boat will provide a selection of engines and greatly enhanced performance.

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Additional Information Regarding the Zuccon International Project

At the Genoa International Boat Show in 1978, Gianni and Paola Zuccon debuted their first idea, the Technema 65 built for Posillipo shipyard. The triumph exceeded all expectations. Since then, Zuccon International Project has become one of the leading yachting companies in the world.Today, the company is internationally renowned for its work in a variety of design sectors, having turned its interdisciplinary approach into its greatest strength. Currently headed by Martina and Bernardo Zuccon, the next generation, the firm's success relies on their capacity to develop long-term connections with its customers, with the goal of embodying their corporate identity and pursuing a steady product development.



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