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Story of Sergio Rossi The Italian Luxury Shoe Brand

  • 18th Jan 2022
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Story of Sergio Rossi The Italian Luxury Shoe Brand

Did you know that the Italian shoe brand Sergio Rossi was founded in 1951 at San Mauro Pascoli. It was founded by Sergio Rossi and has had quite a journey of success. The company  is headquartered in Milan, Italy  and allows customers to buy online or at more than 650 points of sale. This is amazing since it was started with only one single shop!
And the company has always been popular with celebrity clientele.

Celebrities like Eva Longoria Parker, Kylie Minogue, and even Princess Caroline of Monaco have all been seen wearing Sergio Rossi shoes.

However, many people are still not aware of the history of this brand. Hence, here are some of its most interesting historical facts!

Sergio Rossi opened a workshop with just five employees.

A mere nine years later, Sergio had more than 200 workers under him and had already made 2.5  million pairs of shoes.

Sergio Rossi was quite an experienced businessman, having worked at his father's company before setting up his own business with the help of his brother Sergio.

Sergio Rossi accessories initially started off as a small sideline to its main shoe-making activity but eventually became the main focus of the business.

Sergio Rossi's shoes are now worn by many celebrities and have even been featured on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The company has over 650 points of sale around the world that include stores, boutiques, concessions ,and also specialty stores         .
In 2011, Sergio Rossi designed a line of men's and women's shoes for the Spanish clothing brand Mango. This was only the beginning of an exciting future for this Italian shoe designer.

Sergio Rossi has also been featured in popular movies such as Ocean's Twelve (2004),      and Ocean's Thirteen (2007). Sergio himself wears a pair of his shoes in the movie.
Sergio Rossi has an estimated wealth of $620 million, which makes him one of the richest people in Italy. He also plays polo regularly and is rated as one of the world's top players.    

In 2005, Sergio Rossi married his third wife, Rosalba. They have two children together - a daughter named Mafalda and a son named Leone. He also has a son from his second marriage named Andrea.

So there you have it - some interesting facts about Sergio Rossi, who was able to establish his brand into what it is today.


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