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Six Jewellery Must Haves In Your Luxury Closet

  • 31st Aug 2020
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Six Jewellery Must Haves In Your Luxury Closet

It's not too late to realise that shopping for jewellery is an investment. Owning luxurypieces that are trendy yet versatile is the key. Read below to know what you should bepurchasing next!

1. Spell your earring

Earrings by Chanel, Givenchy

Ever since I saw Billie Elish wear these Chanel earrings at the Grammy's, it's been so easyto spot this trend on others. Having a pair of earrings like this is wise because it meetsthe all-gold benchmark, the long-string-makes-your-face-look-slimmer benchmark andbonus, everyone knows the choice of your brand. If you like sticking to classic designerbrands this one is trendy and evergreen at the same time.

2. A Pearl Position

Pearls by Tory Burch, Jason Wu

In 2020, we are having a pearl moment yet again. Not spoken of quite some time, pearlshave made their debuts again. A gold hoop earring with a dangling pearl is somethingyou did not know you needed. A gold chain with a pearl drop is fancy. Pearls are thenew fancy rhinestone hairband you'd wear to brunches.


3. Here's to hoop-ing

Hoops by Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Versace

We've all heard Khloe Karadashian say the iconic phrase. However, it doesn't really standtrue in real life. Medium sized hoops are the new studs, your daily go-to earrings.Explore with different textures, sizes but stick to gold, rose gold or silver. The hoop stylesuits most face shapes!

4. Funky town

Earrings by Grainne Morton, Outhouse

All gold on a regular does not mean you can not enjoy the joys of colour and funkystatement pieces. Say you were to go to a beach or a fun brunch and were thinking oftrying something loud, do not fear diving into statement earrings. Gold coloured metalcoated in vibrant colours look quite refreshing. Try different shapes. Animalia is in. Cuteis in.


5.Cross Convention

Cross necklaces by Gavello, Kimberly Mconald, Gucci

Dolce and Gabbana did an entire season's collection which paid homage to Christiansignages. The cross sign has been used as a symbol in fashion for quite a while and it'sstill at the rise. Geometric patters, crosses and unique artistic shapes are the eyecatchersthis season. A bold and big pair of cross shaped earrings can amp up your lookwithout putting too much effort.

6. Dainty for a daily

Jewellery by Cartier, Outhouse, Tiffany

Do not over-look this trend just because it is all over your Instagram. Gold is a trend forthe most pre-natal reason, for it signifies luxury and class. A touch of gold can addinstant elegance to your outfit and ground it in personality. If dedicating 30 minutes ofyour morning routine does not consist of trying to put together an outfit, then opt for agold band on the wrists, a gold chunky chain on your neck and leave the ears bare.


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