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RV Enthusiasts, Meet Bowlus Volterra, The First Fully Electric Recreational Vehicle in The World

  • 11th Aug 2022
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RV Enthusiasts, Meet Bowlus Volterra, The First Fully Electric Recreational Vehicle in The World

Bowlus has introduced the Volterra, a high-end RV with zero-emissions electric power and the first RV to use AeroSolarTM.

It's also the first RV to include built-in high-speed satellite internet and the first travel trailer to feature an induction cooktop. As an added bonus, the Volterra now has a rearview camera, a freshwater tank that's 150 percent larger, and a beautiful limited-edition colour scheme.

The Volterra luxury travel trailer is the first all-electric RV in the world. The Volterra has 100% electric power with a 100 percent increase in battery capacity over prior models, as well as the RV industry's first use of AeroSolarTM. These capabilities allow you to live completely off the grid forever. In addition, the Volterra is the first travel trailer to have an induction cooktop and the first RV to be satellite-ready for high-speed Internet access. The Volterra also has a new backup camera, a 150 percent increase in freshwater storage capacity, and opulent limited-edition colour options.

All Electric

As sustainable living becomes more prevalent, you can be certain that the Volterra has no pollutants from generators or off-gassing from propane. In addition to electric power's silent functioning, this is great for persons with chemical sensitivity.

The most modern battery system and biggest power bank in the RV business.

The Volterra has 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries, an increase of more than 100 percent over the Terra Firma.

EV Emergency Charge

Already fitted with 20A ports for emergency EV charging, the expanded battery capacity increases the range to roughly 65 miles.

In-Air Updates

Additionally, Bowlus provides over-the-air monitoring and updates to keep you current.

AeroSolar ™

No setup or activation is required for AeroSolar to charge while driving or camping. This is the pinnacle of user experience.

Starlink Satellite Internet

Volterra is the first travel trailer that is satellite-ready for high-speed Internet access. Starlink offers dependable and speedy internet service across the United States and Canada.

Induction Range

This cooktop delivers quicker and more energy-efficient heating than gas alternatives, as well as more accurate temperature control and less ambient heat than gas. It is a safer method of cooking that does not exhaust gas into the air.

Increased Water Storage

Compared to previous Bowlus models with a 50-gallon fresh water tank, this model's capacity is increased by 150 percent. It is ideal for lengthy periods of off-grid living or longer showers.

Reverse Camera

Night vision in full colour facilitates parking in unlit camping locations.

Propane Backup

Applicable to people who want to utilise heating off-grid for lengthy periods of time.

Volterra begins at USD 310,000.


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