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Richard Branson's 125 acres Private Caribbean 'Moskito Island' is an Ode To Luxury Real Estate

  • 1st Oct 2021
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Richard Branson's 125 acres Private Caribbean 'Moskito Island' is an Ode To Luxury Real Estate

What has been a true labour of love with almost half a decade dedicated to its creation, Moskito - the 125 acres private Caribbean island is now finally out in the news as the ultimate dream luxury home. This exquisite and exclusive billionaire’s luxury abode is a mesmerizing collection of privately owned luxury villa estates with prices that commence from USD17,500 per night during low-season with a commitment for at least four-night minimum stay at The Point Estate for up to 16 guests.

These prices offer you not just a luxury stay at this prestigious luxury home but also offer you an Estate Manager, private chef, a dedicated team of staff and some of the best meals and drinks. Apart from these you can enjoy amazing watersports and explore the customized itinerary from beginning with your arrival to and your departure from Moskito Island.

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The latest luxury paradise created by the dynamic businessman, Moskito Island, is barely two miles in distance from its sister Necker Island, which of course has had the distinction of hosting some of the most accomplished celebrities including the likes of Mariah Carey, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, and also the Obama family, who enjoyed a few nights on Necker Island after Mr. Barrack Obama finished his presidential service in the White House.

Sir Richard Branson expressed that the British Virgin Islands have been a love of his ever since he set foot on them. When he came to know about heard the availability of Moskito Island for sale with talks of plans of building a large hotel on the island, he was surely concerned with regards to the wellbeing of the amazing landscape and beautiful environment there. With the purchase of Moskito Island himself and his team commenced work towards developing it in a way that its natural beauty would be taken care of and that it would be developed along with others who have the same affection for BVI as Sir Branson does.


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