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Revolutionizing Retail: Why Crypto Emporium is a Leading Marketplace For Luxury Goods Today?

  • 7th Aug 2020
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Revolutionizing Retail: Why Crypto Emporium is a Leading Marketplace For Luxury Goods Today?

Crypto Emporium has been at the forefront of promoting crypto-currencies as an efficient and safe transactional method, since it was founded in February 2018 by Stephen Travers.

It is known to be the world’s first leading crypto-only e-commerce platform where customers can find credible listings of goods ranging from- luxury cars, yachts, watches, properties, precious metals, electronics, crypto-mining and much more.

The company acts as a service provider to supply the highest quality of in-demand luxury brands and products from all around the globe at majorly competitive prices. It only works with digital currencies and presently accept 6 types of cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge and Decred. One of the main missions pertaining to the advent of the company is to encourage people to explore the world of digital currency and understand how cryptos can be a powerful tool in transforming the face of business models.

Today, the e-commerce website has expanded in its functions and connects suppliers to consumers from different parts of the world. They revamped their website in late 2018 in order to cater to their customer needs and added multiple high quality affordable listings at relatively value prices to satiate their requirements.

In 2019, the company also fully integrated Dash to be one of its accepted payment methods. Dash is a well-known digital token that offers an exceptionally low fees and rapid transaction time. The reason behind including Dash as a payment method was to explore an untapped market niche which can in turn be a beneficial asset to Crypto Emporium as a luxury business platform.

One of the company’s main agenda is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in to real world transaction in order to help people understand the countless benefits of blockchain and digital currencies and how it allows for instant worldwide transmission without incurring extensive transfer charges.

The manner in which the company has attempted to do this is by opening its first physical flagship store in London, which is the world’s very first Crypto-only retail space. This space not only functions as an operational hub for the company, but also serves as an educational centre and coffee shop at the same time. One of the main aims of launching a physical store is to show merchants how the use of cryptocurrencies can help expand their business to new horizons.

Crypto Emporium operates internationally with team members working from all around the world across USA, Singapore, UK, India, Colombia, Brazil and more. It is also looking at integrating additional cryptos like TokenPay and Colossus as acceptable methods of payment to further expand its operations.


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