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Rejuvenate & Relax With Winter Offers from Luxury Lodge, Aramness in Gir National Park, Gujarat

  • 9th Dec 2022
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Rejuvenate & Relax With Winter Offers from Luxury Lodge, Aramness in Gir National Park, Gujarat

ARAMNESS, a stunning Indian safari lodge with 18 private village-style kothis, each with its own courtyard, private pool, and forest views, has re-announced their two winter specials, which are valid through the end of March 2023.

The deals consist of "Escape to the Wilderness" and "Signature Extended Stay Offer." Given that Gir is home to the world's sole group of Asiatic lions, these deals provide an excellent beginning to 2023 for luxury travellers.

Safaris and more at Gujarat's Gir National Park

The first option, "Aramness Gir - Escape to Wilderness," is a two-night package (details are provided below) that includes all meals served in a spacious kothi, two amazing wildlife excursions, and more.

If you prefer to extend your luxurious stay, the "Aramness Gir - Signature Extended Stay" offer is applicable for 3, 4, or 5 nights. This includes an ideal packaging, which is described in full below.

In addition to luxury, you may enjoy a safari excursion that showcases the park's variety, including Asiatic lions, leopards, and paradise flycatchers, as well as the park's magnificent beauty. Importantly, each tour is led by an Aramness Naturalist who engages tourists in discussion while teaching them about the local ecosystem and native flora and wildlife.

The resort provides a unique opportunity to interact with animals on foot, in addition to the Safari experience. The 18 square kilometre area that divides the resort from Sasan Gir National Park is where this incredible Indian wilderness experience is realised.

No trip is complete without delectable culinary delights.

From traditional Gujarati cuisine to cuisines from across the globe, the hotel provides a vast array of dining alternatives to satisfy your palate. The menu has the Gujarati Swaminarayan Thali, an all-vegetarian feast, as well as the Aramness Thali, which features the state's lesser-known non-vegetarian fare. The Matla chicken, sheesha, and an alcoholic beverage combine for the perfect evening, followed by a jungle BBQ in the forest.

Relax and rejuvenate with spa treatments at the Aramness Spa while taking in the majesty of the majestic forest and its fragrant air. Enjoy incomparable luxury while surrounded by the spectacular natural beauty of Gir and see the wilderness unfold in front of your eyes.

For bookings, please note:


E- reservation : | M- +91 285 350 2000


Aramness Gir - Wilderness Escapade

Special 2-night stay pricing

Minimum of two night stayStandard Kothi nightly for INR 102,000Family Kothi nightly for INR 135,000

Aramness Gir - Extended Stay Signature Offer

Special pricing for 3, 4, or 5 nightsMinimum of three nightsStandard Kothi nightly for INR 96,000Family Kothi nightly for INR 128,000

Offer valid between 16 October 2022 and 31 March 2023.


Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Two Wild Animal Activities


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