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Project 3073 by Feadship With A Glass Bottom Pool is A Luxury Yacht to Behold!!

  • 7th Oct 2020
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Project 3073 by Feadship With A Glass Bottom Pool is A Luxury Yacht to Behold!!

What is it about crazy dreams and lofty goals? Well many people and companies actually do what they dream of. Feadship has been one such yacht company who has now come up with a luxury yacht with a glass-bottom pool. Project 3073 is a luxury yacht with some awesome features but the most outstanding one, has to be its glass bottom pool for sure. It is making waves, literally among the luxury yacht fraternity.

The lofty and luxurious complete-aluminum Project 3073 has an imposing 207-feet of size. To add to the glamour is the jaw dropping features that make it look sporty, athletic, sleek, and stylish - almost like a super glamorous luxury sports automobile.  

Project 3073 by Feadship has a highly sophisticated propulsion mechanism that works through the power of water jets and not the propellers. Therefore this yacht not only has the looks to flaunt its looks but also has the power to reach up to 30 knots. A similar yacht in its category would not cross a speed of 20 knots and that does make this Feadship yacht extra special.

The real glory of this mesmerizing luxury yacht is the unique glass-bottom pool that glows from the water below leading to a very distinctive Situated above the owner's stateroom, the glow from the water creates a unique aura on the yacht.

As a matter of fact, Netherlands based Feadship is one of the leading luxury yacht builders in the whole world today. They have earned themselves the reputation of being the developers of bespoke super yachts. They have earned this name in the luxury yacht industry with some outstanding work over the past many decades.


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