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Online Store For Limited Edition Sneakers And Streetwear The Edit Man London, Rebranding Itself

  • 7th Jun 2021
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Online Store For Limited Edition Sneakers And Streetwear The Edit Man London,  Rebranding Itself

What's in a name? There is definitely a lot and that is why many leading brands are aligning their strategies along with their names. The latest addition is The Edit Man London which happens to be UK’s largest online store for limited edition sneakers and street wear.

The Edit Man London has been renamed as The Edit LDN to acknowledge the fact that it customer base is now a healthy mix of men and women with the current trends showing a fast paced growth in its female consumers. In fact at this point in time the number of female buyers buying its premium limited edition sneakers and street wear is much more than the male buyers.

The times of the pandemic have resulted in the increase of multiple online businesses and in the past 1 year The Edit LDN has witnesses sales from its online platform zoom by over 60% every month. The reason the company chose to rename itself is the fact that its buyer base is a very strong mix of men and women today and it wants to appeal to both.

As per Moses Rashid who is the founder and chief executive of The Edit LDN, the online company wanted to remain current and relevant to their community and that their brand new name fairly represented and embraced their diverse community but stood true to its origins.

The reason to let go of the ‘Man’ from the company name was due to the growth of the number of women buyers since their launch in January 2020 crossing more than 50% March 2021. The company surely does have a unisex appeal and now its name has the same appeal too.

The London based online store offers new and pre-loved goods from great brands like Yeezy, Jordan, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Off-White, Supreme, and Fear of God and others. The Edit LDN has captured the imagination of customers by ensuring a good supply of genuine and high quality new and pre-loved street wear and sneakers.

The core objective of the company as per Rashid is to make the inaccessible, accessible and become a source for anyone aspiring to own extremely limited edition goods.  

The Edit LDN is also planning to raise funds, scale up and expand to markets in the US and Asia. In the next four years it aims for a 60 million pound valuation.


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