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Online Platform Vacayz Offers Customizable Bookings For Luxury Hotels

  • 14th Jan 2021
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Online Platform Vacayz Offers Customizable Bookings For Luxury Hotels

Ever since the pandemic struck, one of the hardest hit industries has been the hospitality sector where more than half of the jobs accounted for were lost early in the year.

What makes this even more challenging is that from the 22 million jobs lost in the year, they are not to return until 2024.

With travel bans and restrictions slowly opening up, most hotels have started services with minimum capacity and basic amenities, with little to no profits as of now.

The introduction of a digital platform like Vacayz allows customers to make bookings with luxury hotels while keeping their travel options open. What this means is they can book a hotel stay at a discounted price and have a flexible dates option. In case they are unable to travel for some reason, customers can also choose to resell their booking, change the location or hotel chain.

This gives a lot of freedom to customers who may want to travel at this time. The initiation of this concept comes at the right time too, where people who may have made travel bookings earlier may not be able to afford it right now due to the job losses this year.

The purchase option on the platform lets customers use these attractive booking prices for 5 years from the date of booking.

Out of all its services, the main advantage comes from the savings that comes from flexible bookings. It’s a platform that allows you to make purchases in future plan by implementing discounts in advance without any hassle regarding dates.

All the implemented discounts are fully insured and secured.

Customers making booking through Vacayz will automatically be given a 20% discount on their total booking price, at a minimal amount which is given to the hotel. This way, the hotel makes profit as well as customers can book their stay at the best price.

You can also sell your travel options directly back to the marketplace or sell it to someone else at a profit.

Flexibility in the travel industry is a must and with the launch of Vacayz, people are much more willing to travel hassle-free with spontaneity and considerable financial benefits.


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