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Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico, Welcomes Guests To The First Adult-Only Luxury Tented Resort From The Brand In The Americas

  • 6th Dec 2022
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Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico, Welcomes Guests To The First Adult-Only Luxury Tented Resort From The Brand In The Americas

Naviva®, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico is currently welcome visitors to a world where the lush, verdant jungle serves as the background for a truly individualised vacation.

On the edge of a secluded peninsula, with just 15 luxury tents surrounded by 48 wooded acres (19 hectares), Naviva is an adult-only refuge that uses nature to develop community, personal growth, and respect for local tradition.

Through biophilic design - an architectural method that immerses people in their natural environment - Naviva reawakens the innate relationship between humans and nature. The transformational trip starts as soon as visitors arrive, when they meet their personal guide on a bamboo bridge like a cocoon that overlooks a stunning woodland ravine.

Unique retreat next to the brand's iconic Punta Mita hotel puts visitors physically and spiritually closer to nature.

"Naviva builds on the success of our more than 20 years in Punta Mita, confirming all that our guests love about this lovely location while giving a completely new experience," says Rainer Stampfer, president of global operations for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

"This remarkable initiative exemplifies our commitment to reinventing the guest experience and developing portfolio-wide ideas that fulfil guests' requirements in meaningful, individualised ways."

Ronny Fernández, Resort Manager of Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, explains, "We welcome visitors to Naviva as if they were friends visiting us in our own home, while allowing them the freedom and space for self-discovery and adventure." "Together with my team, we are honoured to provide this one-of-a-kind experience to the globe, exhibiting the beauties of Mexico – from going on a shamanic sound trip to discovering a new level of concentration while spearfishing – in a manner that is uniquely Four Seasons."

Fernàndez explains,

"The best part of my job is being able to personally take people through these experiences and help them connect more intimately with the surrounding marvels."

Biophilic Design: Nature-Based Habitat

Through the perspective of biophilic design and biomimicry, in which the natural world drives design solutions, the natural beauty of Mexico was the primary source of inspiration when Luxury Frontiers, an award-winning design studio and alternative lodging industry pioneer, conceived Naviva. The resort's architecture, interior design, and guest experiences are all inspired by natural phenomena, resulting in a concept that is entirely taken from nature.

With fifteen luxurious tents built to blend in with the surrounding forest, Naviva blurs the line between the natural and artificial worlds. Spacious indoor and outdoor spaces welcome the distinctive flora and animals of Riviera Nayarit. An open-air living room and separate bedroom lead to a private plunge pool and wide outdoor living space with a hammock, fire pit, and outdoor shower. The interior textures and textiles mimic the environment's natural patterns. The spacious bathrooms have large soaking tubs and skylit showers with unrestricted views of the outdoors.

Throughout the design and construction process, the team partnered with Mexican artists, crafters, and manufacturers, not just to assist local companies but also to create places with a real link to Mexico's culture. Featured are handcrafted furnishings by Taracea and Baufaktory, artwork by Emma Boomkamp, repurposed wooden games by Rasttro, and textiles by Anora Casa.

Daily, Signature, and Unscripted Experiences at Naviva

Naviva's untamed natural backdrop spontaneously sets the scene for individual change through Daily, Signature, and Unscripted Naviva experiences, each of which is anchored in one or more biophilic design principles.

The daily activities of Naviva emphasise exercise, food, and cultural awareness. Guests may go on a nature trip to the Aztatlán ruins, partake in a "seacuterie" tasting, or attend a Metztli mythology session to learn about Aztec culture.

Signature Naviva experiences highlight legacy, culture, and local knowledge while immersing tourists in their natural surroundings. Guests may test their mind and body in the House of Heat, a temazcal developed particularly for Naviva; catch fresh snapper along the Resort's rocky beach; or visit a local artist's private home or workshop.

Contributing to the biophilic notion of mystery as a sensory experience, Unscripted Naviva experiences may include a surprise lunch in the forest or the exploration of small-batch Mexican wines.

Providing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

There are a number of small wellness areas at Naviva, including two spa pods nestled away in the forest, a House of Heat temazcal, a cliffside patio, an open-air gym, and nature paths. Each area encourages human connection with nature by anchoring visitors in concrete and intangible environmental elements.

Guests are welcomed right into their own spa pod, where they are free to use the area as they see fit. Each spa structure's cocoon-like design, inspired by the seed of the native Ceiba tree, provides a feeling of security that encourages alterations in internal energy. Guests may spend time in each spa pod's own garden, outdoor shower, or wood soaking tub in between transforming spa routines.

The House of Heat welcomes visitors on a customised temazcal trip led by a devoted curandero in order to induce a mind-body awakening. Guests may choose from a variety of focal areas, such as thankfulness and dedication, to tailor their experience. The House of Heat consists of a ceremonial fire pit with seating modelled after traditional Mayan stools, a pre- and post-ceremony social room, and an outdoor bathing area.

At Risco Terrace, where yoga practises include powerful vinyasas and restorative flows, and at the outdoor Mar Gym overlooking the Pacific, where strength training workouts incorporate natural formations such as boulders and trees, Naviva guests will also find wellness experiences rooted in the environment. Guests may relax and rejuvenate in the Selva Pool, secluded in the forest, or at La Solana Beach, a beautiful 575-foot-long (175-meter-long) stretch of Pacific beachfront.

Culinary Experiences Inspired by Place

Every Naviva stay includes all meals, snacks, and drinks, including a wide selection of fine wines and spirits, anytime the client desires. Guests may enjoy fresh seafood at Copal Cocina, light snacks inspired by the local produce at Selva Pool, or a custom cuisine on the terrace of their own luxury tent. Exciting eating opportunities abound, from unexpected molcajete lessons to chef-prepared woodland meals. In addition, in-tent eating is offered throughout the clock.

Copal Cocina invites visitors to an open-air kitchen and living area in the centre of Naviva, where they may meet a local coffee roaster, pop a bottle of Mexican wine with a sommelier, or join Chef Sofa Mojica at the open-fire grill. Copal Cocina, which accommodates no more than 30 diners at any one time, provides distinctive dining experiences that include unusual ingredients and adaptable daily menus that may be tailored to each guest's tastes. Local suppliers, such as farmers and fishermen, visit the restaurant on a regular basis, enabling visitors to create a closer relationship with the local community.

Respect for Nature through Sustainability

The genuine relationship between Naviva and nature stems from its meticulous design, which started with the restoration of the land on which it currently rests. The construction team meticulously examined the site in order to build around existing trees and conserve the peninsula's rich flora, hand-placing tents into the current setting so as to cause the least amount of disturbance to the surrounding forest. Hand-carved wood hooks were installed in each luxury tent using relocated or salvaged trees, and natural stone from the site was converted into seats. The crew also made major steps to conserve animal life by constructing new walkways that imitate the colours of earth and rocks, and by using certain lighting kinds to reduce light pollution.

The design team incorporated earth-friendly, low-impact building materials throughout the site, including salvaged wood, local stone, copper, bamboo, and concrete. Moreover, natural ventilation made possible by the region's predominant breezes restricts air conditioning to just the most critical areas.

As a proponent of sustainable water supply, Naviva teamed with SOURCE Water to bottle all drinking water on-site utilising hydropanel technology that collects pure, pollution-free water from the air.

A Retreat Near the Home

In actuality, Naviva is simply a short flight from the United States and Canada to Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR) and a 45-minute drive from PVR to the secluded peninsula of Punta Mita.

All-inclusive Naviva vacations begin from USD 3,950 per night and include all meals, snacks, and beverages, including specialty meals served around the resort, one 60-minute spa treatment per guest, daily practises and rituals, and Unparalleled Naviva experiences. Signature Naviva experiences, uncommon or custom-ordered drinks, extra spa treatments, private lessons or training, and airport transfers are offered for a fee.

Guests at Naviva also have full access to the neighbouring Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita, which is five minutes away.

The resort has 10 restaurants and bars, two golf courses, three swimming pools, two beaches, and extra spa and fitness facilities.


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