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Myaraa By Namrata Lodha Introduces A New Range Of Sustainable Accessories

  • 7th Jan 2021
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Myaraa By Namrata Lodha Introduces A New Range Of Sustainable Accessories

Founder designer and entrepreneur Namrata Lodha launched her own brand under the name of Myaraa, which is a range of handmade sustainable accessories, primarily catering to exclusively designed hats.

It was introduced to the world in 2019 and established itself as an eco-friendly brand that works in tandem with local artisans and empowers rural women by providing them with employment in designing hats and financial independence.

The brand takes pride in having its artisans as the fulcrum of everything from enhancing their skills to bringing these exquisite designs to life.



What initially began as a simple idea that struck her in her living room, to becoming a full-blown brand that stands for wearing hats that compliment your outfit and make for the perfect accessory, bringing that added charm to your look.   

From displaying a few designs through her social media channels to serving clients across 50 countries in the world, hats by Myaraa have truly added a unique design element to the world of sustainable accessories.



Something that inspired the idea of creating eco-friendly hats in India was the use of natural grass fiber baskets from her childhood home in Madhya Pradesh. She uses the same sustainable material to create these uniquely designed Indo-western styled hats.

What makes Myaraa stand out as a sustainable brand in India is that every piece can be easily personalized and customized as per your needs. Customers can add their names, a quote or pretty much anything that they would like to have as a design on their personalized hat.

An even more special fact about the brand is the importance and respect it gives to the local artisans and rural women who work for them, expanding opportunities of employment in rural India.

You can find their website and social channels on the links below:

Instagram handle:



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