Montegrappa Unveils Odyssey Chapter I - A Tribute to Greek Mythology

  • 7th Jul 2024
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Montegrappa Unveils Odyssey Chapter I - A Tribute to Greek Mythology

Montegrappa, the esteemed Italian manufactory renowned for its exquisite writing instruments, has once again mesmerized the luxury market with the introduction of Odyssey Chapter I. This limited-edition marvel is the inaugural piece in a series celebrating Greek Mythology, meticulously crafted to evoke the grandeur and storytelling brilliance of Ancient Greece.

A Tribute to King Odysseus

Odyssey Chapter I pays homage to the legendary tale of King Odysseus and his epic journey home from the Trojan War. This writing instrument is a perfect blend of artistry and functionality, available as both a fountain pen and rollerball. Crafted from sterling silver, vermeil, fluted resin, and mother-of-pearl, its design echoes the elegance of a Corinthian column, capturing the architectural splendor and intricate detailing of Ancient Greece.

Exquisite Materials and Craftsmanship

  • Materials: Resin, Mother of Pearl, Vermeil
  • Trim: Sterling Silver 925, Vermeil
  • Nib: 18k Gold
  • Filling System: Piston
  • Packaging: Special with Ink Bottle (50ml)
  • Dimensions: Length - 164 mm, Diameter - 18.5 mm, Weight - 124.00 gr

Every aspect of Odyssey Chapter I demonstrates Montegrappa’s dedication to craftsmanship. The pen’s micro-sculpted friezes, created through lost wax casting, depict key moments from Odysseus’ adventures. The cap features elaborate Corinthian column capitals adorned with acanthus leaves, rosettes, and volutes, all intricately cast in vermeil, reflecting the opulence and pride of Ancient Greek civilization.

Iconic Greek Motifs and Mythological HomageBas-relief engravings further elevate the pen’s luxurious finish, incorporating the iconic meandros motif, symbolizing eternity and the flow of human life. This Greek fret detailing is a hallmark of Montegrappa’s high-genre models, providing a tactile and visual feast for users.

Greek mythology
Greek mythology

The pen also honors the gods of Greek mythology. The engraved resin mimics the fluted contours of Corinthian columns, and representations of Zeus are featured in micro-sculpture. The fountain pen's 18K gold nib, depicting Zeus, adds a divine touch to the writing experience. Montegrappa’s patented piston-fill mechanism and ebonite feeds ensure smooth and reliable ink flow.

Part of a Legendary Trilogy

Legendary Trilogy
Legendary Trilogy

Following the acclaimed Divina Commedia series, Odyssey Chapter I is the first in a new trilogy dedicated to Greek mythology’s epic poems. The Odyssey, composed over 2,700 years ago, encapsulates ideals and values fundamental to Western civilization.

Limited to 266 fountain pens and rollerballs, this edition holds significance in isopsephic numerology, representing the value of ‘Ελλ?ς’ (Greece). The pens are presented in a Trojan Horse showcase made of wood, which includes a removable display stand and storage compartment, symbolizing Odysseus’ ingenuity.

Montegrappa’s Legacy of Innovation

Since 1912, Montegrappa’s historic factory in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, has been a beacon of fine craftsmanship. Combining traditional artisanal techniques with modern machinery, the factory continually pushes the boundaries of writing instrument design. Odyssey Chapter I follows notable releases such as the Theory of Evolution and the Gladiator.

Montegrappa’s Legacy
Montegrappa’s Legacy

Priced from €8,295, Odyssey Chapter I is available at select boutiques worldwide, including leading department stores, fine stationers, and exclusive watch and jewelry shops. It can also be purchased directly through Montegrappa’s official website.

About Montegrappa

For over a century, Montegrappa has been dedicated to the magical relationship between paper and the human mind. Since its founding in 1912, the company has championed the value of words and the luxury of slowing time down through its exceptional pens. While others view pens as relics, Montegrappa remains committed to continuous innovation, blending tradition with modernity.

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