Working from home has many benefits - the luxury of time, the comfort of your home, and the freedom of choice. All around the world, employees dream of being able to avoid the daily commute and to start working remotely.

If you are that lucky employee who got their wish granted, you shouldn’t settle down that quickly because the best is yet to come. Creating your dream home office should be the next thing on your list.

Modern home office essentials

If you are wondering how your ideal home office should look like, the truth is: it depends on you and your job. You should feel comfortable and productive, so aim to choose a room with enough natural light and big windows – they also play a big role in making your office look wider and more elegant. If your job consists of a lot of meetings, have in mind how you want to make your clients feel. They should see your personality, your aspirations, but at the same time, they should feel welcome and relaxed when they go through your home office doors.

We have found some of the most modern office styles that will make your home office look chic and inspiring. These 6 modern home office styles will make you eager to get up every morning and start the day.

Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style is one of the most requested in the whole world, not just in its place of origin. This simple, yet modern trend is present in thousands of living rooms and bedrooms across the globe but has recently started expanding into other spaces. Due to its simplicity and functionality, more and more people are choosing to decorate their home offices in this manner. The calming color palette that represents the Scandinavian style is what makes it chic and highly demanded in the architecture world. Grey and white are practically a necessity if you want to have a Scandinavian looking office. Pale wood floors and modern, high-quality office furniture should find a place in your workspace if you decide to go with this modern décor.

Standing office desk

Raising awareness of certain world issues is one of the most important aspects of our modern society. Health issues are talked about very often, and there is always an on-going discussion on how to resolve them. For this reason, it makes perfect sense why standing desks are getting more popular – health is wealth. If you want to stand out with your modern office design, you should consider choosing a standing desk and adapting your office to it. This type of desk is practically a statement on its own. If you choose a good piece, made of high-quality wood, elegantly polished and furnished, you will already have the modern office you desired.

Industrial office style