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Mercedes-Benz Unveils The Long-Awaited GLB and EQB 7-seat Luxury SUVs & Concurrently Launches Three Powertrains in India

  • 7th Dec 2022
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Mercedes-Benz Unveils The Long-Awaited GLB and EQB 7-seat Luxury SUVs & Concurrently Launches Three Powertrains in India

Pune saw the debut of two new Mercedes-Benz luxury SUVs, the GLB and the EQB, today. The GLB 200, GLB 220d, and GLB 220d 4M join the EQB 300, Mercedes-first Benz's fully electric SUV, as the company's first gasoline, diesel, and electric vehicles to be introduced to the Indian market at the same time.

These roomy and adaptable SUVs with seven seats are designed for big nuclear families with busy lifestyles and dynamic needs. Mercedes-Benz continues to provide the most complete SUV lineup in India, from the GLA in the luxury market to the GLS Maybach in the Top-End luxury segment, with the addition of the GLB and EQB SUVs.

The EQB is the third all-electric car released this year, after the amazing consumer reaction to the 'Made in India' Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC. The adaptable, fashionable, and eco-friendly EQB reaffirms Mercedes-commitment Benz's to electrification throughout its entire product line.

The GLB reinterprets the typical SUV look with adaptability and energy. The GLB's stunning appearance, adaptable seating arrangements, legroom, and cargo space make it a very practical daily-use urban SUV. In addition, its robust dimensions and off-road capabilities make a compelling proposal for a midsize 7-seater luxury SUV, which is desired by busy Indian families with small children.

Introducing the SUV siblings Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz India, said,

"We are thrilled to conclude 2022 with the launch of two flexible 7-seater SUVs, the GLB and EQB. Both of these SUVs are very adaptable, roomy, and suitable for big nuclear families in need of more space and seats for preteens or even pets. They can accommodate up to seven people in a variety of space combinations and handle tough terrain with ease."

He continued,

"For the first time, we are providing three powertrains to our customers: gasoline, diesel, and electric. With four premium EVs in the Mercedes-Benz India range, the introduction of the EQB is also an important step toward our aim of progressively converting to a carbon-neutral fleet. For an improved customer experience, we have also added compelling ownership propositions, such as the best warranties in the market, for both SUVs".

Mercedes-Benz has installed 30 Ultra-Fast Chargers around the nation, and 10 more will be installed before 2022's end. With this, the firm will provide over 140 charging stations nationwide. Mercedes-Benz buyers will get a complementary AC wallbox and gratis charging for the first year of vehicle ownership with the EQB.

Mercedes-Benz India has the widest selection of SUVs in India.EQB is the third all-electric premium car released by Mercedes-Benz in 2022.Mercedes-Benz has already installed thirty (180/60 kWh) Ultra-Fast Chargers.

• The seven-seater SUVs EQB and GLB feature foldable second and third-row seats with a maximum cargo capacity of 1620 and 1680 litres, respectively.

• The second row offers a 40:20:40 split and can be moved forward and backward for space versatility.

• The GLB has powerful proportions with an off-road-oriented design, whereas the EQB's electro design demonstrates its progressive luxury.

• The EQB 300 4MATIC is equipped with a 66.5 kWh lithium-ion battery with high energy density and has a WLTP-certified range of 423 kilometres;

• The GLB 220d 4MATIC is equipped with an Off-Road Engineering Package that helps optimise the engine's power distribution and ABS control for difficult terrain;

• The Mercedes-Benz EQB and GLB are CBUs (Completely Built Units)

• The introductory pricing for GLB 200 is INR 63.8 Lakhs, GLB 220d is INR 66.8 Lakhs, GLB 220d 4MATIC is INR 69.9 Lakhs, and EQB 300 4MATIC is INR 74.5 Lakhs (all India ex-showroom prices)


Strong proportions and off-road-oriented design:

The upright front section with its distinctive headlights and the short front and rear overhangs are unmistakable indications of its off-road heritage. The sensuously sculpted and strong vehicle shoulder dominates the side vision.

Moreover, with optical underride guards and all-around protective coating, the GLB's design clearly demonstrates its strong nature.

The GLB has length, wheelbase, and height that are comparable to those of the GLC. It provides ample room and a maximum trunk capacity of 1,680 litres.

Ready to accommodate up to seven passengers, the GLB has a third row with two separate seats. The third row is perfect for families with children and animal lovers.

4. ingenious space solutions Space may be modified to meet your requirements. The second seat row has a 40:20:40 folding configuration, and if necessary, the whole second row may be pushed up to 90 mm forwards and 50 mm backwards to increase versatility even further. Both the second and third rows of seats are foldable to increase trunk capacity.

5.Effective and powerful Engines: The new GLB relies on technologically superior four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. There are three powertrain choices available: Petrol 4x2, Diesel 4x2 and Diesel 4x4.Strong and secure, the GLB's body shell is made from contemporary, lightweight steel. Approximately 72% of the body shell structure consists of high-strength, ultra-high-strength, and hot-formed steel panels.

7. MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience): High-resolution displays and visuals, a customisable display, software that is capable of learning, and Voice Control with natural language recognition enhance the User Experience.Available on 4MATIC models, the Off-Road Engineering Package modifies the engine's power distribution and ABS management for difficult terrain.

The EASY-PACK tailgate facilitates the loading and unloading of the baggage compartment.Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC already facilitates the search for a parking spot and facilitates parallel and perpendicular parking.


Electro design aesthetics: The EQB embodies Mercedes-Progressive EQ's Luxury in a manner that is both edgy and distinctive. It has the distinctive black panel Mercedes-EQ grille with a centre star.

The front and rear continuous light strip is a further distinguishing design element of the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ automobiles.

The EQB is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that has a high energy density. It has a maximum voltage of 367 volts and an energy content of 66.5 kilowatt-hours.

The EQB 300 4MATIC is equipped with two motors: an asynchronous motor and a newly designed permanently excited synchronous motor in the rear axle. This results in a total output of 168 kW and 390 Nm of torque.

Plenty of space in all dimensions: The EQB's length, breadth, and height are comparable to the GLC, as is its wheelbase. It provides enough room and a maximum trunk capacity of 1,620 litres.

5. Capable of accommodating up to seven passengers, the EQB has a third row of seats with two extra individual seats. The third row is perfect for families with children and animal lovers.6. More traction with 4MATIC all-wheel drive: The 4MATIC system employs Torque Shift: the torque is distributed between the two electric units at the front and back axles on a constantly changeable basis, 100 times per second.

7. Sophisticated thermal management system: With its various unique aspects, such as the re-use of the electric motor system's waste heat, the system is set for excellent efficiency and hence maximum range.Navigation with Electric Intelligence: The basic Navigation with Electric Intelligence helps to the EQB's daily use. It computes the quickest route to the destination, taking charging power and length of probable charging pauses into consideration.

9. CCS charging socket for both AC and DC: The EQB can be conveniently charged at home or at public charging stations at up to 11 kW with alternating current (AC) using the onboard charger. Direct current (DC) fast-charging facilities are even quicker. DC charging is capable of providing the EQB with a maximum power of 100 kW. The charging duration from 10 to 80 percent is 32 minutes.Safety concept for the high-voltage system: In the event of a collision, the high-voltage system may be immediately shut off. When a collision is detected while a vehicle is charging at a DC charging station, the charging process is automatically halted as part of this comprehensive safety concept.


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