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Mercedes-Benz Group AG and MAYBACH Icons of Luxury Collaborate To Create Utterly Spectacular THE CREATOR Sunglasses

  • 5th Jun 2022
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Mercedes-Benz Group AG and MAYBACH Icons of Luxury  Collaborate To Create Utterly Spectacular THE CREATOR Sunglasses

Mercedes-Benz Group AG's Chief Design Officer, Gorden Wagener, and MAYBACH Icons of Luxury worked on THE CREATOR sunglasses, which are distinguished by their technological brilliance, exceptional aesthetics, and inventive originality. On a quality titanium foundation, these sunglasses are offered in a variety of colour combinations, including three models with 22k gold plating and two models each with rose gold or platinum plating.

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The ultimate result is THE CREATOR designer sunglasses, which feature a combination of inventive design and skilled workmanship. It reflects the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensuous simplicity and contemporary elegance. Mercedes-Chief Benz's Design Officer, Gorden Wagener, and his team collaborated with MAYBACH Icons of Luxury to manufacture these rare sunglasses, which are handcrafted to the highest standards, comprised of sustainable materials, and available in 10 colour combinations. The eyeglasses accessory is a fashionable companion throughout the day, whether the setting is casual, fashionable, or professional. These sunglasses can make any outfit stand out.

Luxury flawlessly imagined

 There are almost 200 stages of manufacture between the raw material and the completed accessory. Here, the almost 30-year-old craftsmanship of MAYBACH Icons of Luxury and the inventive strength of Mercedes-Benz come together. Maintaining tradition while shaping the spirit of the times. THE CREATOR will captivate those who value great quality, unusual materials, and premium design. A distinctive piece that does not blend in, but rather sets the pace.

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The design team of Gorden Wagener has created a dramatic fashion accessory with THE CREATOR, whose design language and choice of materials make it a "must-have" item. It is an eye-catching piece that you will enjoy wearing on any occasion.

Sustainability in design and composition

Special focus is made on the natural horn of the eyewear. This style comes from the 1978-founded IVKO natural horn manufacturer, which also integrates many years of eyewear expertise. The horn of the eyewear is sourced from the Asian water buffalo, a popular species in agricultural regions throughout the globe. The local populace relies on the power of these creatures in their everyday life. They venerate the coveted buffalo, and none of them are killed because of their horns. For the production of eyeglasses, mature horn is ideal; the older the animal, the more attractive it appears.

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THE CREATOR sunglasses are constructed from ultra-light titanium and sustainably obtained natural horn of traditionally raised Asian water buffalo. Producing a single pair of these sunglasses needs almost 200 stages. The rounded edges of the frames and the flowing aesthetics are distinctive of the most rare versions, whose form mimics the Maybach insignia. Details from the radiator grille influenced the design of the bridge. The temples' spring hinges are perfectly incorporated into the brand's emblem.

The frame of the new sunglasses is constructed from horn. It originates from the business IVKO, whose atelier dealing with real horn was created in 1978, and whose many years of knowledge may now be used to MAYBACH eyewear. The horn used for the glasses originates from Asian water buffalo, which are often found in rural areas around the globe and whose strength is a vital aid to the local people in their daily lives. They cherish these rare creatures, none of which are killed due to their horns. The ideal horn for producing glasses is mature horn, therefore the older the animal, the more beautiful the horn.

In addition to the red colour option with white marbled horn, there is also a black-black combination that gently highlights the differences between the materials and between glossy and matte effects, as well as a black-white-black option.

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Sunglasses from THE CREATOR are available in a variety of colour combinations. On a premium titanium base, certain versions have 22k gold plating, rose gold plating, or platinum plating. This may be seen in the emblems, the distinctive bridge design, and the glass trim. The gold variations are available with amber natural horn and gold-mirrored lenses, matt black natural horn with dark grey lenses, and cream/green marbled natural horn and lenses with a slight green gradient. The rose gold variants include frames constructed of matte black natural horn with grey gradient lenses or cream-colored natural horn frames with rose gold mirrored lenses. The platinum variants are available in either matt black natural horn with gradient grey lenses or cream/blue marbled natural horn with silver mirrored lenses.


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