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McLaren Automotive and Athletic Propulsion Labs Introduce a Premium Footwear Collection - APL Mclaren Hyspeed

  • 3rd Aug 2022
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McLaren Automotive and Athletic Propulsion Labs Introduce a Premium Footwear Collection - APL Mclaren Hyspeed

2 Aug 2022

McLaren Automotive is teaming with APL for the first time to introduce a completely new look.

The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM draws inspiration from McLaren's legendary supercars and hypercars.

The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM partnership is offered in five unique hues.

McLaren Automotive, a manufacturer of luxury supercars, and APL, a manufacturer of high-performance athletic footwear, have collaborated to develop a new line of premium footwear that advances design, performance, technology, and construction.

The first item from the partnership is the limited-edition APL | McLaren HySpeedTM, a spectacular new style developed as an all-purpose performance running trainer that represents the premium supercar manufacturer's first footwear cooperation.

The history of these two renowned enterprises has followed a similar course, bringing them together to create a new future. Whether on the court, the road, or the racetrack, APL and McLaren have always sought to improve performance.

From APL's patented Load 'N Launch® technology designed to instantly increase vertical leap to McLaren's hyper luxury Speedtail and emphasis on reducing vehicle weight to maximise efficiency and experience, each company is driven by a desire to push the boundaries.

APL and McLaren symbolise the height of luxury and performance by combining the quest of performance and sumptuous materials with world-class workmanship, state-of-the-art production processes, and daring aesthetics.

With such strong similarities, McLaren's design pillars naturally inspired the cooperation to produce a genuinely distinctive footwear line. This has resulted in the creation of a new collection of premium footwear that advances design, performance, technology, and construction.

This one-of-a-kind footwear from the APL | McLaren partnership has resulted in the creation of an entirely new style, the APL | McLaren HySpeedTM, which is an all-purpose performance running trainer releasing in five custom colorways that are directly inspired by McLaren's supercars.

The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM features a three-piece segmented midsole with APL FutureFoam pods in the front and rear connected by a full-length lightweight carbon fibre plate and topped with an all-new nitrogen infused midsole compound engineered for supreme responsiveness and energy rich compression.

The shoe also has a microfiber heel with enlarged wings, an interior sophisticated fitting system with three-piece cushion heel cushioning, and APL's distinctive Souffle Sockliner.

The outsole also alludes to design elements of McLaren's supercars with a tread pattern inspired by high-performance tyres engineered for speed and traction.

"It was a joy to work with APL to develop the APL | McLaren HySpeedTM sneaker. It incorporates both our own McLaren DNA and the design philosophy of APL. Inspired by our groundbreaking work with lightweight materials, APL has created innovative technologies for this shoe that maximise the wearer's comfort and pleasure.

Similar to getting into a McLaren, the objective is to optimise performance, agility, and speed.

McLaren Automotive's Interim Design Director is Goran Ozbolt.

"Over the past two years, the APL and McLaren teams have collaborated on countless design sketches, numerous construction techniques, extensive product testing, and rounds of samples to develop the most innovative performance shoe ever to hit the market.

"From the first drawing to the retail product launch, there were three separate midsole versions with proprietary compounds, various brand-new upper constructions using a broad array of materials, and over fifty colorways explored. The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM is a masterpiece of design and engineering produced by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in footwear.

APL's collaboration with McLaren has been a dream come true. McLaren's heritage in design and performance is unparalleled, and with this partnership, the team's skill and attention to detail clearly show. McLaren is one of the world's pioneers in the utilisation of carbon fibre, and the weave we developed collaboratively for the HySpeedTM is not only highly practical but also exquisitely beautiful.

"One of the major similarities between APL and McLaren is our desire to create goods that are both aesthetically pleasing and function at the highest level, and that is precisely what we have accomplished with this cooperation. The HySpeedTM is our newest pod-based midsole technology and our most expensive in-line product to date. The HySpeedTM features a three-piece segmented midsole with APL FutureFoam pods in the front and back that are connected by a full-length carbon fibre plate and topped with an all-new nitrogen-infused, proprietary blended midsole compound that is designed for supreme responsiveness and energy rich compression. The heel padding is patterned after McLaren's ultra-lightweight McLaren Senna seats, which are meant to keep you in position while being wonderfully comfortable.

The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM is the result of years of effort, but it is merely the beginning of a long-term partnership between APL and McLaren.

Adam and Ryan Goldston, co-founders of APL

The APL | McLaren collaboration is available in White/McLaren Orange, White/Black/Ombre, Rose Dust/Creme, Energy/Metallic Silver, and McLaren Orange for $450 USD for both men and women.

The APL | McLaren HySpeedTM will come in a packaging with almost as many features as the sneakers themselves.

The exterior sleeve of the drawer-style box is a blend of glossy McLaren Orange, metallic orange foil, and black foil emblems. Pulling out the drawer reveals a black inner box and translucent smoked black shoe cover displaying a technical layout of the shoe's tooling.

Pulling out the drawer completely shows a line sketch of the McLaren F1 road vehicle, one of the most sought and recognisable supercars of all time. For such a remarkable partnership and sneaker, the packaging needed to be similarly spectacular.

Beginning August 2, 2022, the collection will be available for purchase via, APL's Flagship Store Experience at The Grove in Los Angeles, and select retailers worldwide.


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