Maldives Invites Indian Cricket Team to Celebrate World Cup Victory in Paradise

  • 10th Jul 2024
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Maldives Invites Indian Cricket Team to Celebrate World Cup Victory in Paradise

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) have extended a special invitation to the Indian National Cricket Team. In a gesture of congratulations for their spectacular World Cup victory, the Maldives invites the team to celebrate in the idyllic "Sunny Side of Life."

Celebrating Excellence in the Maldives

Expressing heartfelt congratulations, MMPRC's CEO & Managing Director, Mr. Ibrahim Shiuree, and MATI's Secretary General, Mr. Ahmed Nazeer, conveyed their enthusiasm for hosting the Indian Cricket Team. They emphasized the honor of hosting the champions, ensuring a stay filled with relaxation, bespoke experiences, and memorable moments.

A Perfect Locale for Victory Celebrations

Mr. Ibrahim Shiuree highlighted the Maldives as the ideal destination for the Indian Cricket Team to commemorate their sporting triumph. He stated, “It would be an immense honor for the Maldives to welcome the Indian Cricket Team and share in the joy of their victory. We eagerly await the opportunity to host them and provide the perfect setting for creating lasting memories of their celebration."


The Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is a state-owned enterprise responsible for promoting the Maldives as a premier tourist destination under the brand “Maldives” and the slogan “Maldives… The Sunny Side of Life.” MMPRC actively markets the Maldives in key global markets with an integrated 360-degree marketing approach and maintains PR and trade representation across 15 key global markets.

Under MMPRC’s leadership, the Maldives has achieved significant recognition and numerous accolades in the international tourism industry. The Maldives, with its breathtaking beauty and luxurious offerings, is the perfect place for the Indian Cricket Team to celebrate their World Cup victory. This invitation not only strengthens the cultural and sporting ties between India and the Maldives but also highlights the Maldives as a top destination for relaxation and celebration.

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