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Maldives Introduces The World's First Loyalty Program For Travelers

  • 13th Jan 2021
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Maldives Introduces The World's First Loyalty Program For Travelers

Maldives has always been amongst the most favorite luxury travel destinations in the world. In the past year, despite the imposed travel bans and restrictions, Maldives took things in its stride and was efficiently prepared by offering socially distanced resorts, with strict protocols including conducting PCR tests for travelers onsite.

To further boost tourism in the country, it recently announced the launch of the ‘Maldives Border Miles’ program, which is a first of its kind three-tier loyalty programs for tourists.

Visitors will be required to enroll for the program and will earn points based on the duration of stay and number of visits to Maldives.

The three tiers are named in the local Maldivian language under Abaarana (Gold), Antara (Silver) and Aida (Bronze) which each carry 500, 2000 and 4000 points respectively.

Different activities across the country will cost a specific number of points, for instance border crossing will cost 50 points and 5 points for per night spent at situ.

This loyalty program is the result of a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives Immigration, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations and Maldives Airport Company Limited and has been launched with the intent to raise tourism in Maldives to the peak.

Visitors can also earn extra points by taking part in specific tourist activities or while visiting around specific occasions like a wedding or honeymoon.

Apart from that, the perks are also to include Duty Free discounts and VIP Immigration services. High-end travelers will truly appreciate this program with its beneficial offers like free yacht rides and costly sea-plane facilities.

This program is a unique step ahead in marketing to promote tourism and shall definitely help put Maldives back on the global map amongst the most visited countries of the year.


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