Ever since Billy Joel belted out the lyrics to ‘New York State of mind’, I’m sure a lot of you must’ve definitely slipped into the New York state of mind too.

I know I had, once I heard the song, and I surely would want to take a greyhound on the Hudson River line. But who wouldn’t, right? New York City is an absolute fairytale, and living there would be a dream come true for almost every single person there is out there. The epitome of all things amazing and fabulous, not only is New York City home to the world famous Statue of Liberty, but also boasts of best in class restaurants, marvelous shopping prospects, and without a shadow of doubt has SOME OF THE MOST FANTABULOUS views in the entire world.

Source : https://www.forbes.com/sites/alyyale/2019/10/02/the-results-are-in-the-mansion-tax-has-nyc-real-estate-sales-plummeting/#3f4815de343c

But the best things in life come at a cost and as for NYC; the cost is pretty darn high. Right from the houses, education, entertainment and clothing, to the food and taxes, New York City can be outrageously expensive in every aspect. If you’re looking for affordable housing, NYC is an absolute no-no for you. However, for those who wish to invest in luxury, New York is the place to be.

Let’s have a little geography lesson now. New York City is divided into five boroughs, all of which are beautiful places, and owning a condo in any one of these can be an awesome thing.

Here’s a detailed description of each of these 5 boroughs, and the plentiful real estate options in each respectively.



A chic borough in NYC, Manhattan is a superb location for luxury investments. Being the cultural, financial, entertainment &media hub of the WORLD, and also a setting for innumerable books and movies, living in Manhattan would be nothing short of awesome. Since the Manhattan luxury real estate market has been skyrocketing for quite a few years now, and doesn’t seem to come down anytime soon, investing here can be a very good decision.

Source : https://onemanhattansquare.com/

And what with all the plentiful options, there’s no way you’ll run out of choices. Right from the breathtaking Central Park Tower by Extell Development to the magnificent One Manhattan Square, also by Extell Development, Manhattan will never cease to amaze you.



Another beautiful borough of New York City, and also the most populous one, Brooklyn is characterized by several bridges and tunnels, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Even after there were some fluctuations in the New York real estate market, Brooklyn continues to remain one of the most sought after residential locations, owing to the robust growth in certain neighbourhoods.

Source : https://newyorkyimby.com/2019/01/sales-launch-for-landmarked-75-greene-avenue-in-brooklyn.html

Some upcoming real estate projects include 75 Greene by Douglaston Development and a 199 unit residential complex in Coney Island by Starrett Corporation.



Source : https://www.tripsavvy.com/how-did-queens-get-its-name-2819355

The eastern most borough of NYC and also the largest geographically, Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world.

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