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List of Colleges For Luxury Management in India

  • 24th May 2020
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List of Colleges For Luxury Management in India

The term “LUXURY” now doesn’t only imply elegance but a lifestyle of comfort. The scope of luxury is quite extensive. It includes chocolates, cars, fashion, jewelry, aviation, hospitality, wines, and spirits. In India, the luxury brand industry is poised for a big boost. The influx of luxury industry in India over the past few years has become one of the major reasons for a course like Luxury Management. As the industry is expanding the need for experts with sound knowledge is increasing.

MBA in Global Luxury Management is a unique program aiming to encourage students to prepare and train in domain knowledge. The course helps in gaining the skills to excel in the luxury industry. The course also helps the students to explore entrepreneurial opportunities and teaching them how to market a luxurious brand.



Here is a list of colleges that provide Masters in Luxury Management:

1. S P Jain School Of Global Management

Course: MGLuxM- Masters in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management

Duration: 12 months

Estimated fee: Inr 15.26 lakh  

The 12-month postgraduate program is accredited by Politecnico di Milano and the degree approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. It includes classroom sessions, case study, study tour, company visit, and industry interaction. It will help the participant to gain in-depth knowledge of the entire gamut of the luxury industry in significantly distinctive markets It focuses on transforming a student into an expert manager in the global industry. The first term is in Mumbai, the second term is in Milan and the third term is in Mumbai/Milan.


2. Pearl Academy

Course: Unergraduation - Global Luxury Brand Management

Duration: 3 Years

Estimated Fee: Inr 21.81 Lakh

The 3-year program aims to equip the students with a wide range of relevant skills and knowledge of the luxury industry. It focuses on the development of entrepreneurial skills in the luxury industry. The verticals covered under the course are:

  • Products such as apparel and accessories, pens home décor, watches, jewelry, wines, and spirits.
  • Services such as spas, concierge, travel, and tourism, fine dining, and hotels
  • Assets such as yachts, fine art, automobiles, and real estates.

Both theory and application-based problems - solving methods are used. Students also get to learn from the experts of the industry, such as from Tag Heuer, Salvatore, LVMH, and Gucci.


3. Pearl Academy

Course: Postgraduation- Luxury Brands

Duration: 2 Years

Estimated Fee: Inr 13.98 Lakh

The 2-year program is certified by Apparel Made-ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHFSSC). It enables students to gain expertise in balancing the glamorous ornamentation of luxury along with business strategies. The rigorous curriculum of the program aims at developing the professionals keen to build a career in the global luxury industry. The participant will learn about luxury goods and services, luxury culture, styling and etiquette, financial management, and many more.


4. Luxury Connect  Business School

Course: MBA In Luxury Brand Management

Duration: 16 Months

Estimated Fee: Option one - INR 6.5 Lakh  

The course aims at developing knowledge about the latest trends in the luxury industry. The curriculum educates the students about the luxury markets and how to survive in this niche market. There are two options:

  • Option 1: PGDLM (LCBS): Entire course at LCBS, India – 10 months at LCBS, followed by a compulsory 6 months industry internship.
  • Option 2: PGDLM (LCBS+ADL): 7 months at LCBS Campus, India, followed by a 3 months term at Accademia Del Lusso, further followed by a 6 months compulsory industry internship


5. FAD International

Course: Luxury And Fashion Management

Duration: 1 Year

The objective of the course is to design an environment for individuals wishing to work in the colossal non-design sectors within the fashion and luxury industry. The program aims at encouraging students to work with industry-focused projects with a strong emphasis on research and interdisciplinary experimentation. A student has the option to study one term at the world’s top fashion schools or continue onto masters in UK & Italy. On successful completion, students can transfer credits for further education to the universities of UK & Italy like Nottingham Trent University, Coventry University.


6. Mudra Institute Of Communication And Advertising (MICA)

Course: Managing Brands & Marketing Communication

Duration: 4 Months

Estimated Fee: For Indian Participants: Inr 70,000+Gst

For International Participants: USD 1600

The course familiarizes students with brand management and integrated marketing communication. The program is designed with the aim of a sound understanding of aspects of marketing and brand management that includes different types of market, competition, buyer behavior, and brand building.

Topics like brand positioning, brand extension, managing brand over time, IMC cases, brand metrics, and understanding the content of communication are covered under the course. After the completion of the program, participants will be awarded a PG Certificate in Managing Brands & Marketing Communication issued by MICA.


7. Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad

Course: Creative And Cultural Businesses Programme

Duration: 6 Months

Estimated Fee: Inr 5,00,000+Gst

The 6-month program aims at adaption of modern aesthetics, management skills, production methods to grass root levels to catalyze rural artisanal transformation and enhance more equitable value distribution across the value chain. Earlier the University offered “CRAFTING LUXURY AND LIFESTYLE BUSINESSES (CLLB)” which focused on the development of strategic perspective towards luxury and lifestyle businesses. To expand CLLB ‘s scope IIM AHMEDABAD introduced CCBP which will retain the essence of CLLB structure and content. The course is made more robust in the training of an entrepreneurial mindset and venture planning. The four pillars of the course are:

i. The true meaning of luxury

ii. Conscious and inclusive businesses

iii. Unique Indianness with global relevance

iv. Value of Indian artisanal arts and crafts heritage

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