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Leonardo DiCaprio, the Iconic Hollywood Actor, Invests in France Based Champagne Telmont

  • 28th Feb 2022
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Leonardo DiCaprio, the Iconic Hollywood Actor, Invests in France Based Champagne Telmont

Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood celebrity, has acquired an ownership share in French champagne house Telmont. Remy Cointreau, who has been the primary owner of the century-old champagne business since 2020, verified this news.

Telmont has previously written out a range of targets for its environmental aims last summer, prior to this statement.  Telmont’s website states that by 2031, they have set an ambitious goal of converting 100% of their cultivated territories — their Telmont Estate vineyards and those of their partner winegrowers – to organic agriculture.

Apart from altering the way its product is grown, Telmont is also phasing out the expensive gift boxes that are often included with the purchase of a champagne bottle. Additionally, the material used to manufacture these bottles is 100 percent recyclable. 

Telmont is also transitioning its onsite activities to sustainable energy sources such as solar energy.

This environmentally friendly approach is bolstered by the presence of electric cars (EV) on the estate. On the supply chain side, the brand is reducing its carbon footprint by partnering with freight providers who have an outstanding CSR score.

The Oscar-winning actor stated that Champagne Telmont, in collaboration with its partner winegrowers, has set its sights on creating 100 percent organic champagne, assuring a perfectly sustainable production lifecycle in the future years. 

Along with this the fact that they are focussed on preserving wildlife on its property to using 100 percent renewable energy, to their commitment to significantly reduce their environmental impact made him happy to invest in Champagne Telmont.

DiCaprio's current venture follows his previous investments in sustainability-focused enterprises such as Aleph Farms and Mosa Meat. DiCaprio urged for more attention to the dangers of climate change in his 2016 Oscar acceptance speech.

Eric Vallat, CEO of Remy Cointreau expressed happiness in welcoming Leonardo DiCaprio to their magnificent House. He also added that Leonardo DiCaprio embodied, via his aura, a devotion to and principles dedicated to sustainable and responsible growth.


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