Leading the Culinary Renaissance in the Maldives - THE OZEN COLLECTION

  • 26th Jun 2024
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Leading the Culinary Renaissance in the Maldives - THE OZEN COLLECTION

The Maldives, long associated with romantic getaways, is evolving into a dynamic destination for luxury seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and culture aficionados. With breathtaking vistas, a warm welcome, and a vibrant culinary scene, the Maldives now offers unique experiences for diverse travelers.

The Culinary Vanguard: THE OZEN COLLECTION

At the forefront of this culinary revolution is THE OZEN COLLECTION, a renowned luxury hospitality brand in the Maldives. Offering unmatched gastronomic adventures, THE OZEN COLLECTION caters to varied tastes and preferences, from opulent champagne breakfasts to the renowned underwater dining marvels of M6m.

Gourmet Delights at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO

Guests at OZEN LIFE MAADHOO awaken to lavish Champagne Breakfasts with ocean views, indulging in global cuisines from Authentic Chinese to Heritage Indian and Sri Lankan delicacies. The exclusive INDULGENCE™ Plan offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing experience, enveloping visitors in the delights of island living.

The pinnacle of OZEN LIFE

MAADHOO's gastronomic offerings is M6m, an extraordinary underwater fine dining restaurant that delights guests with sublime seafood and captivating underwater vistas. Meanwhile, Lonu reimagines Maldivian cuisine with a 'New Age' twist, presenting dishes in eco-conscious clayware in a charming oceanside setting. Lonu, meaning 'salt' in Dhivehi, showcases handmade flavored salts and dishes that immerse travelers in the nation's rich culinary heritage.



At OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, guests experience a symphony of culinary wonders against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Personalized dining experiences and specialty restaurants and bars elevate the stay to new heights of luxury. ORIGIN? promises a sensory culinary journey with refined masterpieces paired with carefully selected wines. Saffron pays homage to Indian gastronomy, offering culturally inspired dishes from India for a diverse dining experience.

Global Culinary Collaborations

From regular champagne and wine trips to the announcement of 'Master of Sushi' with world-renowned Japanese Chef Satoshi Tsuru, THE OZEN COLLECTION extends its hospitality by inviting global culinary experts to enhance its offerings.

The Epitome of Maldivian Hospitality

As the Maldives emerge as a premier luxury travel destination, THE OZEN COLLECTION stands as a beacon of the country's rich hospitality and culinary heritage. It offers discerning travelers an unparalleled fusion of local flavors and international flair.


THE OZEN COLLECTION, part of the Atmosphere Core portfolio, curates timeless sanctuaries defined by Refined Elegance. Travelers can expect sophisticated services, grand spaces, and enriching culture. The brand comprises two resorts in the Maldives, OZEN LIFE MAADHOO and OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, with future openings including OZEN PRIVÉ ATHIRI GILI in the Maldives (2025) and three resorts in India: OZEN MANSION KOLKATA (Q3 2024), OZEN PRIVADO GOA (2026), and OZEN NANDI HILLS BANGALORE (2026), and OZEN SECLUDED TANGALLE (2026) in Sri Lanka.

About Atmosphere Core

Atmosphere Core is a dynamic international hospitality company with three distinctive lifestyle brands: THE OZEN COLLECTION, COLOURS OF OBLU, and Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts. The company operates nine resorts in the Maldives with a pipeline of additional resorts in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, and India set to open within the next three years. Each Atmosphere Core property features distinctive design, an authentic sense of place, inspiring service styles, and the freshest, finest cuisine.

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